August Questions for Engaging Social Media Content

Are you struggling to get engagement on your social media platforms? 

As a small business owner, navigating social media can be challenging, but with the right strategies and content, you can significantly boost engagement and connect meaningfully with your target audience.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of 50 engaging social media questions to ask in the month of August, centered around themes like Family Fun Month, Back-to-School, National Women’s Equality Day, International Youth Day, and National Dog Month

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These questions will help with post ideas and are designed to spark conversations, encourage interactions, and strengthen relationships with your social media followers.

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List of August Questions

We’ll start with a list of engaging questions you can use throughout the entire month of August, and then, at the end, we’ll share some social media tips and best practices to further increase your social media engagement.

Family Fun Month Questions

1. What’s your favorite family activity for summer?

2. What’s the best family vacation you’ve ever taken?

3. Share your go-to family recipe for summer barbecues.

4. What’s your family’s favorite board game?

5. How does your family spend a rainy summer day?

6. Share a photo of your family having fun this summer.

7. What’s a family tradition you look forward to each summer?

8. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on a family vacation?

9. What’s your family’s favorite way to cool off in the summer heat?

10. If your family had a motto, what would it be?

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National Dog Month Questions

11. Share a picture of your dog and tell us their name.

12. What’s your dog’s funniest habit?

13. What’s the best thing about having a dog?

14. What’s your dog’s favorite treat?

15. What’s the most mischievous thing your dog has done?

16. How do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

17. If your dog could talk, what’s the first thing they would say?

18. What’s your dog’s favorite toy?

19. Share a tip for keeping your dog cool in the summer.

20. If your dog had a superhero name, what would it be?

Back-to-School Questions

21. What’s your favorite back-to-school memory?

22. What was your favorite subject in school?

23. What’s one piece of advice you would give to students starting the new school year?

24. Share a photo from your first day of school.

25. What was your favorite book to read in high school?

26. What’s the best back-to-school tip you’ve learned?

27. What’s your go-to back-to-school lunch idea?

28. What was your favorite back-to-school outfit?

29. Share your favorite back-to-school shopping tip.

30. What was the most exciting part of going back to school?

back to school

National Women’s Equality Day Questions

31. Who is a woman that inspires you and why?

32. What’s a piece of advice you’d give to young women today?

33. What’s the most significant achievement of a woman you admire?

34. How do you celebrate Women’s Equality Day?

35. What’s a book by a female author that you recommend?

36. What’s a historic moment for women’s rights that stands out to you?

37. Who is a female role model in your industry?

38. What’s the best advice you’ve received from a woman?

39. Share a quote from a woman you admire.

40. What’s your favorite way to support women’s equality?

Summer and Vacation Questions

41. Mountains or beaches?

42. What’s your must-have item for a perfect beach day?

43. What’s the weirdest ice cream flavor you’ve ever tried?

44. If you could create a new summer holiday, what would it celebrate?

45. What’s the quirkiest or most unique place you’ve visited?

46. What’s the most creative travel hack you’ve learned?

47. Ice cream or popsicles?

48. What’s the strangest food you’ve eaten while traveling?

49. If you could teleport to any destination right now, where would you go?

50. What’s your go-to summer recipe?

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Social Media Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Creating engaging social media content is essential for small business owners to boost interaction and grow their online presence. 

The following tips will help you craft compelling posts that resonate with your audience, increase engagement, and align with your social media strategy. 

From leveraging questions and personal stories to utilizing a well-planned social media content calendar, these strategies will ensure your content remains fresh, relevant, and impactful throughout the summer months.

Use Questions to Increase Engagement

Social media polls and question posts are powerful tools to boost engagement. 

Asking your audience questions encourages them to interact with your content, which can increase your social media presence. 

This engagement signals to social media algorithms that your content is valuable, helping to expand your reach.

Incorporate Personal Stories and Visuals

Sharing personal stories and using compelling visuals in your social media posts can make your content more relatable and engaging. 

For example, posting a photo with a story about a memorable summer activity can resonate with your audience.

Utilize a Social Media Calendar

Planning your content with a social media content calendar ensures that you consistently post engaging content. 

This calendar can include special days like National Dog Day or International Cat Day, giving you ready-made topics to post about. 

Want a professional to plan out your content for you for a DIY price? Give the Social Media Content Club a try today!

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Highlight Holidays and Events

Social media holidays like Friendship Day, National Sandwich Month, and International Youth Day provide great opportunities to create themed content that can increase engagement. 

Posting themed content around these days can make your posts timely and relevant.

Click here for a full list of holidays and special days to celebrate in August.

Leverage Hashtags

Use popular and relevant hashtags related to your content themes, such as #FamilyFunMonth, #NationalDogDay, or #BackToSchool. 

This can help your content reach a broader audience on various social media channels.

For hashtag suggestions from a professional social media manager, read August Hashtags for Social Media

Mix Different Content Types

Diversify your content by mixing photos, videos, stories, and promotional videos. This variety keeps your social media accounts fresh and interesting.

Share Tips and Advice

Providing useful tips, such as travel hacks or back-to-school advice, can position your social media presence as a valuable resource, increasing your audience’s engagement and trust.

Celebrate Achievements and Milestones

Share your small business achievements or customer milestones. This can humanize your brand and encourage your audience to celebrate with you.

Track and Adjust Your Strategy

Review your social media strategy regularly and adjust based on what types of content receive the most engagement. This will help ensure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.

Incorporate these tips and the list of questions into your August social media content calendar to create engaging and interactive content for your audience. 

By consistently engaging with your followers through well-planned social media ideas, you can build a strong online presence and achieve your social media goals.


Leveraging Resources to Create Content Quickly

Creating engaging social media content can be time-consuming, but leveraging the right resources can streamline the process and enhance the quality of your posts. 

Two powerful tools that can help you create content quickly are Canva and the Social Media Content Club.

Canva is an intuitive graphic design platform that allows you to create stunning visuals with ease. 

With its wide range of templates, fonts, and images, you can quickly design eye-catching posts featuring engaging questions. 

Canva’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add text overlays, adjust layouts, and customize designs to match your brand’s aesthetic. 

Whether you’re crafting a National Dog Month post or a summer-themed question, Canva helps you create professional-quality graphics in minutes.

The Social Media Content Club is another invaluable resource, offering done-for-you content, AI content creation tools, and a comprehensive library of questions.

Each question is accompanied by a professionally designed image, a thoughtful caption, and a set of relevant and popular hashtags, making it effortless to post content that resonates with your audience. 

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By using the Social Media Content Club, you can save hours of time on content creation and focus more on interacting with your followers and growing your community.

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Click here to give the Social Media Content Club a try for free for 7 days. 

By integrating Canva and the Social Media Content Club into your social media strategy, you can efficiently produce high-quality, engaging content that captures the essence of August and beyond. 

These resources not only speed up the creation process but also ensure your posts are visually appealing and well-optimized for maximum reach and engagement.


Incorporating these engaging questions into your August social media content calendar is an excellent way to enhance your social media strategy and make content creation easier. 

Focusing on relevant themes and seasonal activities can help you connect with your audience on a personal level, encouraging them to share their experiences and interact with your posts. 

Remember, the key to social media success lies in consistent and meaningful engagement. 

By using these questions and tips, you’ll boost your social media engagement, strengthen your online presence, attract new customers, and achieve your social media goals.

Happy posting and Happy August to all my readers!


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