HOGMANAY – December 31, 2023

Hogmanay is celebrated on the last day of the year, December 31st, in Scotland. Entrepreneurs and marketers eager to embrace the festivities of Hogmanay can leverage this unique celebration as a chance to enhance the visibility of their offerings. 

By exploring initiatives like collaborating with local event organizers or introducing exclusive deals and discounts, businesses can elevate their presence during this Scottish New Year’s celebration. 

This article provides insights into creative approaches to commemorate the occasion, including strategic social media content and trending hashtags, enabling enterprises to effectively connect with a broader audience and maximize their impact on Hogmanay.


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When is Hogmanay?

Hogmanay is celebrated on the final day of the year, specifically on December 31st, marking the culmination of the old year and the welcoming of the new one in Scotland. 

This traditional Scottish New Year’s Eve celebration is characterized by various customs, festivities, and joyous gatherings, making it a significant and widely observed event in Scottish culture.

History of Hogmanay

The history of Hogmanay is deeply rooted in Scotland’s cultural tapestry, with its origins tracing back to ancient pagan and Norse winter solstice celebrations. 

The name “Hogmanay” itself has unclear origins, with some theories linking it to the French word “hoguinane,” which refers to a gift given at New Year. 

Over the centuries, the celebration evolved and amalgamated with various cultural influences, including the Vikings’ Yule celebrations and the Roman festival of Saturnalia. 

Following the Protestant Reformation in the 17th century, Christmas festivities were suppressed in Scotland, leading to an emphasis on the celebration of the New Year. 

The significance of Hogmanay was further solidified by the banning of Christmas in the 17th century and the subsequent shift of focus to New Year’s festivities. 

Modern Hogmanay celebrations are a vibrant blend of ancient traditions and contemporary revelry, featuring events such as the torchlight procession in Edinburgh, first-footing customs, and the symbolic singing of “Auld Lang Syne.” 

Hogmanay stands as a testament to Scotland’s rich cultural heritage and its enduring spirit of welcoming the New Year with warmth and festivities.


How to Celebrate Hogmanay

As the year draws to a close, the vibrant and spirited celebration of Hogmanay in Scotland beckons individuals and businesses alike to revel in the festivities. 

This section presents a myriad of creative ideas to make the most of this cherished occasion, offering inspiration for both personal celebrations and business endeavors. 

Whether you’re looking to usher in the New Year with traditional customs or seeking innovative ways to engage your audience and promote your brand during this joyous time, the following suggestions are tailored to enhance your Hogmanay experience.

Ideas for Individuals Celebrating Hogmanay:

  • First-Footing Tradition: Embrace the age-old practice of being the first person to enter a friend’s or family member’s home after the stroke of midnight, bringing symbolic gifts like whisky, shortbread, or coins for good luck.
  • Home Gatherings: Host an intimate gathering with friends and family, indulging in a feast of traditional Scottish dishes and raising a toast to the year ahead.
  • Virtual Celebrations: Connect with loved ones near and far through virtual platforms, organizing online parties, games, and countdowns to share the joy of the occasion.
  • Attend Local Events: Participate in community events, such as fireworks displays, street parties, or torchlight processions, to immerse yourself in the collective spirit of Hogmanay.
  • Ceilidh Dancing: Organize or attend a ceilidh dance event, where traditional Scottish dances are performed, fostering a lively and communal atmosphere.

Ideas for Businesses Celebrating Hogmanay:

  • Special Promotions: Offer exclusive discounts, packages, or promotions to attract customers during the festive season, encouraging them to choose your products or services for their Hogmanay celebrations.
  • Collaborate with Local Artists: Partner with local artists, musicians, or performers to enhance your business space or online presence with a touch of Scottish culture, creating a unique and memorable experience for customers.
  • Themed Events: Host themed events or parties at your establishment, incorporating traditional elements of Hogmanay celebrations, such as live music, Scottish food and drinks, and interactive activities.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Launch targeted social media campaigns using relevant hashtags, engaging visuals, and festive content to connect with your audience and showcase your brand’s enthusiasm for Hogmanay.
  • Community Engagement: Contribute to the local community by sponsoring or participating in public celebrations, demonstrating your business’s commitment to the spirit of togetherness and celebration.

Whether you’re an individual reveling in the traditions of Hogmanay or a business looking to infuse festive spirit into your brand, these ideas serve as a roadmap for creating memorable experiences during this Scottish New Year celebration. By embracing the essence of Hogmanay, both personal and professional endeavors can contribute to the collective joy and anticipation that mark the transition into a new and hopeful year.

Social Media Post Ideas for Hogmanay

In the digital age, where connection and celebration transcend physical boundaries, leveraging social media becomes an integral part of sharing the festive spirit. 

As Hogmanay approaches, this section offers a curated collection of social media post ideas tailored for businesses eager to engage their audience during the Scottish New Year celebration. 

From invoking traditional customs to infusing modern creativity, these suggestions aim to captivate your online community and amplify the joyous atmosphere of Hogmanay across digital platforms.

Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses Celebrating Hogmanay:

  • Countdown Graphics: Create visually appealing countdown graphics or videos to build anticipation for the stroke of midnight, encouraging followers to share their countdown moments.
  • Hogmanay Traditions: Share insights into traditional Hogmanay customs, such as first-footing or singing “Auld Lang Syne,” fostering a sense of cultural connection and education.
  • Festive Giveaways: Run festive giveaways or contests, offering themed prizes to participants who engage with your posts, fostering excitement and interaction.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Preparations: Provide a glimpse behind the scenes as your business gears up for Hogmanay, whether it’s decorating the premises or preparing special offerings, giving followers a sense of involvement.
  • User-Generated Content: Encourage followers to share their own Hogmanay celebrations using a branded hashtag, curating and reposting user-generated content to showcase the diverse ways your audience marks the occasion.
  • Exclusive Offers: Announce exclusive discounts or promotions for your products or services, enticing followers to celebrate Hogmanay with your brand.
  • Interactive Polls and Quizzes: Engage your audience with interactive polls and quizzes related to Hogmanay traditions, sparking conversation and participation.
  • Virtual Toasts: Host a virtual toast on your social media platforms, inviting followers to join in raising a glass to welcome the New Year, creating a sense of community.
  • Highlight Local Festivities: If applicable, share information about local Hogmanay events or collaborations, showcasing your business’s connection to the community.

As the digital realm becomes a vibrant extension of real-world celebrations, these social media post ideas for Hogmanay aim to enhance your business’s online presence and foster meaningful connections with your audience. By infusing your brand with the festive spirit of Hogmanay through creative and engaging social media content, you can turn digital interactions into memorable moments, further amplifying the joy and camaraderie that define this Scottish New Year’s celebration.

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Hashtags to Use During Hogmanay

In the dynamic realm of social media, hashtags serve as powerful tools to unite communities and amplify messages, and trends across platforms. 

As Hogmanay approaches, the strategic use of hashtags becomes essential for businesses and individuals alike, providing a means to connect with a wider audience and join the collective conversation surrounding this festive Scottish celebration. 

This section delves into the significance of incorporating hashtags into your social media strategy for Hogmanay, offering a curated list to enhance visibility and engagement during this joyous occasion.

Hashtags to Use on Social Media for Hogmanay:

  • #HogmanayCelebration
  • #ScotlandsNewYear
  • #AuldLangSyneMoments
  • #HogmanayTraditions
  • #FirstFooting
  • #NewYearGatherings
  • #CountdownToMidnight
  • #HogmanayFestivities
  • #CheersToTheNewYear
  • #ScottishNewYear
  • #Hogmanay2023
  • #CelticCelebration
  • #VirtualHogmanay
  • #TorchlightProcession
  • #FestiveBusinessPromos
  • #HogmanayCommunitySpirit
  • #ScottishCulture
  • #HogmanayMemories
  • #NewBeginnings
  • #CheersFromScotland

As you navigate the vibrant digital landscape of Hogmanay celebrations, incorporating these hashtags into your social media posts becomes a key strategy for reaching a broader audience and fostering community engagement. By embracing these tags, you not only contribute to the collective narrative of this Scottish New Year’s celebration but also enhance the discoverability of your content. So, let the hashtags resonate with the spirit of Hogmanay, connecting individuals and businesses in a digital tapestry of celebration, traditions, and joyous anticipation for the year ahead.

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Gift Ideas for Hogmanay

As Hogmanay draws near, the exchange of thoughtful gifts becomes a heartwarming tradition, reflecting the spirit of celebration and goodwill. 

This section explores a curated selection of amazing gift ideas for Hogmanay, ranging from traditional tokens to contemporary delights. 

Whether you’re looking to surprise a loved one or express gratitude to colleagues and friends, these gift suggestions capture the essence of this Scottish New Year celebration, making the exchange of presents a memorable part of the festivities.

Gift Ideas for Hogmanay:

  • Whisky Selection: Elevate the celebratory atmosphere with a carefully chosen bottle of Scotch whisky, embracing Scotland’s rich distilling heritage.
  • Hogmanay Hampers: Assemble bespoke hampers filled with traditional Scottish treats, such as shortbread, haggis-flavored snacks, and artisanal chocolates, creating a delightful taste of Scotland.
  • Scottish Tartan Accessories: Gift a touch of Scottish elegance with accessories like scarves, ties, or blankets adorned with classic tartan patterns, symbolizing heritage and style.
  • Customized First-Footing Kit: Curate a personalized first-footing kit comprising symbolic items like a lump of coal, a silver coin, and a piece of shortbread, embodying the cherished tradition of bringing good luck to a household.
  • Celtic-inspired Jewelry: Choose exquisite pieces of Celtic-inspired jewelry, such as a pendant or earrings featuring traditional Scottish motifs, serving as timeless and meaningful keepsakes.

In the spirit of Hogmanay, the exchange of thoughtful gifts becomes a profound expression of joy, connection, and goodwill. These gift ideas encapsulate the essence of the Scottish New Year celebration, blending tradition with contemporary elegance. Whether it’s the warmth of a whisky toast, the richness of Scottish delicacies, or the symbolic charm of tartan accessories, these gifts not only convey appreciation but also contribute to the collective spirit of celebration and new beginnings. May the exchange of these presents add an extra layer of joy to your Hogmanay festivities, fostering cherished memories for the year ahead.

Beyond the exuberant celebrations of Hogmanay, Scotland’s rich cultural calendar is adorned with various holidays that contribute to the nation’s tapestry of traditions and festivities. 

This section explores the interconnected web of holidays related to Hogmanay, shedding light on additional occasions that play a significant role in Scottish heritage and celebration. 

From ancient customs to modern observances, these holidays collectively weave a vibrant narrative, showcasing the diversity and depth of Scotland’s cultural mosaic.

St. Andrew’s Day (November 30th): Celebrated as the patron saint of Scotland, St. Andrew’s Day is a precursor to the festive season, often marked by events that showcase Scottish culture and heritage.

Burns Night (January 25th): Honoring the iconic poet Robert Burns, Burns Night involves traditional suppers featuring haggis, poetry recitations, and lively Scottish music, creating a spirited and poetic celebration.

Up Helly Aa (Last Tuesday in January): This unique Shetland Islands festival involves a torchlit procession and the burning of a Viking longship, commemorating Shetland’s Norse heritage.

Rabbie Burns’s Birthday (January 25th): Celebrated alongside Burns Night, this day pays homage to Robert Burns, Scotland’s national bard, with events ranging from poetry readings to traditional meals.

Samhain (October 31st): While widely recognized as Halloween, Samhain has ancient Celtic roots and is considered the beginning of winter in Scotland, featuring traditional customs and celebrations.

The tapestry of Scottish celebrations extends beyond Hogmanay, interwoven with a myriad of holidays that reflect the nation’s rich history and cultural diversity. From honoring saints and poets to commemorating ancient traditions, these holidays contribute to the mosaic of Scottish festivities, each playing a unique role in fostering a sense of community, heritage, and shared joy. As the calendar unfolds, the celebration of these interconnected holidays adds depth to the collective narrative of Scotland’s cultural identity, creating a rich tapestry of traditions that resonate throughout the year.

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Future Dates for Hogmanay

2024December 31Tuesday
2025December 31Wednesday
2026December 31Thursday
2027December 31Friday
2028December 31Sunday
2029December 31Monday
2030December 31Tuesday

List of ideas for Hogmanay:

  • Historical Insights: Dive into the historical roots of Hogmanay, exploring how the celebration has evolved over the centuries and delving into the cultural influences that have shaped this Scottish New Year tradition.
  • Local Hogmanay Events: Provide a roundup of notable Hogmanay events taking place in different regions of Scotland, showcasing the diversity of celebrations and encouraging readers to join in the festivities.
  • Interviews with Locals: Add a personal touch by conducting interviews with locals, capturing their favorite memories and unique traditions associated with Hogmanay, and offering readers a glimpse into the genuine experiences of those who celebrate the occasion firsthand.
  • DIY Hogmanay Decorations: Share creative do-it-yourself ideas for decorating homes or businesses in the spirit of Hogmanay, incorporating traditional Scottish elements and symbols to infuse spaces with festive charm.
  • Hogmanay Recipes: Introduce readers to authentic Scottish recipes that are synonymous with Hogmanay celebrations, from classic dishes like haggis to sweet treats and beverages that add a culinary flair to the festivities.


As business owners embrace the vibrant spirit of Hogmanay, opportunities for connection, promotion, and community engagement abound. By incorporating creative marketing strategies, participating in local events, and leveraging the power of social media, businesses can not only enhance their brand visibility but also contribute to the shared joy of this Scottish New Year celebration. Whether through special promotions, collaborations with local artists, or embracing traditional customs, Hogmanay provides a unique platform for businesses to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. As the year draws to a close, let the celebration of Hogmanay be not only a reflection of Scottish culture but also a testament to the resilience, camaraderie, and shared optimism that businesses can cultivate within their communities, paving the way for a prosperous and joyous New Year.  

Celebrate this special day with us, and don’t forget to download our free holiday calendar for more fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year!

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