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National Iced Tea Day is celebrated annually on June 10th. Business owners and marketers looking to celebrate National Iced Tea Day can take advantage of this special holiday as an opportunity to promote their products and services. In this article, you’ll discover fun ideas to celebrate the holiday, such as offering free iced tea samples or hosting a virtual iced tea tasting. You’ll also learn about social media posts and hashtags to make the most of your marketing efforts on this day. With these helpful tips, businesses can make the most of National Iced Tea Day and reach a larger global customer base.

national iced tea day

When is National Iced Tea Day?

National Iced Tea Day is celebrated each year on June 10th. This day provides an opportunity for everyone to enjoy and celebrate their favorite iced tea recipes! Whether it be a traditional sweet tea or a unique blend of flavors, this day gives us a chance to show appreciation for our go-to summertime drink. There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than with a tall glass of iced tea. So grab your favorite mug, fill it up with ice, and get ready to enjoy National Iced Tea Day!

History of National Iced Tea Day

It’s not known when National Iced Tea Day was first celebrated, but it was created to help recognize and celebrate the deliciousness of iced tea. It is believed that people first started drinking iced tea as far back as 17th century Japan. From there, it spread across the world and eventually to America, where it became a popular summertime beverage. Today, National Iced Tea Day provides us with a special occasion to enjoy and appreciate the refreshing flavor of this beloved beverage.


How to Celebrate National Iced Tea Day

National Iced Tea Day is the perfect day to make some special recipes, try out new flavors, and explore all the possibilities that iced tea has to offer. Whether you’re looking for ways to celebrate as an individual or create a fun event for your business, there are plenty of ways to honor the holiday.

Ideas for Individuals:

  • Enjoy a tall glass of iced tea in the sunshine – try making your own home with your favorite ingredients!
  • Host an iced tea tasting party – try different types of teas and compare flavors.
  • Make a unique twist on classic recipes by using tea as an ingredient. Try out some delicious iced tea-infused desserts like ice cream or cake!
  • Have an outdoor picnic with friends and family, complete with a variety of iced tea flavors.
  • Create an iced tea bar at home with different options, and let your friends customize their drinks.
  • Gift someone special with a bag of specialty loose-leaf teas or homemade iced tea blends.

For businesses, National Iced Tea Day is a great opportunity to show appreciation for customers and get creative with marketing initiatives.

Here are a few ideas for businesses:

  • Offer discounts on select iced teas or other products related to tea.
  • Host an iced tea-themed event at your business, complete with a variety of flavors and activities.
  • Partner up with a local tea shop or cafe for exclusive discounts or promotions.
  • Create special blends of iced tea and market them as limited-edition flavors.
  • Run a social media campaign to spread the word about National Iced Tea Day. Encourage followers to share their favorite recipes, stories, or photos.
  • Give away free samples of your products at special events or local businesses.
  • Feature special tea-related recipes on your website or blog. This can be a great way to gain some more attention and traffic.

From trying new flavors to creating unique recipes and marketing campaigns, National Iced Tea Day is a great opportunity to get creative and have some fun. Whether you’re celebrating on your own or with friends and family, take this day as an excuse to indulge in some iced tea and make the most of this special holiday.

Social Media Post Ideas for National Iced Tea Day

Celebrate National Iced Tea Day by taking to social media! Show your appreciation for this refreshing summer beverage and share all the ways you plan on making the most of this special holiday. Here are some post ideas to get started:

  • Share a picture or video of your favorite iced tea recipe.
  • Post about any special offers or discounts your business is running for the holiday.
  • Showcase any unique tea-infused recipes you’ve tried out recently.
  • Invite followers to share their stories and photos of how they plan on celebrating National Iced Tea Day.
  • Feature a local tea shop or cafe in honor of the holiday.
  • Post about how you’re creating an iced tea bar at home or a special event for the holiday.
  • Showcase any custom blends of tea your business is offering as limited edition flavors.

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Iced Tea Day, make sure your social media posts are creative and engaging. With the right content, you can make this a special holiday for all your followers.

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Hashtags to Use During National Iced Tea Day

Using hashtags is an effective way to increase the reach of your social media posts and increase engagement with your content. When it comes to National Iced Tea Day, hashtags are a great way to spread awareness about the holiday and get creative with your posts. Here are some popular hashtags you can use during National Iced Tea Day:

  • #NationalIcedTeaDay
  • #SummerDrinks
  • #TeaTime
  • #TeaLoversUnite

By using these hashtags, you can attract more eyes to your posts and create a larger community of people celebrating the holiday. Don’t forget to use some creative and unique hashtags as well to make your posts stand out! With the right combination of hashtags, National Iced Tea Day can be a truly special holiday that everyone enjoys.

For the complete list of holidays to celebrate on social media in June, visit

Other Holidays Related to National Iced Tea Day

National Iced Tea Day is the perfect time to learn more about other holidays related to this refreshing beverage. From celebrating cold brewing techniques to recognizing tea masters, iced tea-related holidays are a great way to recognize and appreciate this unique beverage. Here are some of the other holidays you can celebrate in honor of iced tea:

International Tea Day, celebrated annually on May 21st, is a holiday dedicated to celebrating the global growth and production of tea. This day is an opportunity to recognize the cultural significance of tea, as well as its many health benefits. International Tea Day events are often held in countries where tea cultivation is most prominent, such as China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. During these events, tea enthusiasts and experts come together to share their love of the beverage while learning more about the production process. International Tea Day is a great opportunity to explore different types of tea and discover all the flavors they have to offer.

National Bubble Tea Day is celebrated on April 30th and honors the beloved Taiwanese beverage. This special holiday recognizes the many flavors and variations of bubble tea that have become popular around the world. Bubble tea, also known as boba or pearl milk tea, was first created in Taiwan during the 1980s. It has since grown in popularity and can now be found in many countries. On National Bubble Tea Day, tea shops and cafes often offer special promotions or discounts on bubble tea drinks. This holiday is also a great way to get creative with your favorite recipes and try new flavors of bubble tea.

National Iced Tea Month is celebrated every June and honors one of the most popular beverages in the world. During the hot summer months, iced tea makes a delicious and refreshing drink that anyone can enjoy. National Iced Tea Month provides an opportunity to not only celebrate this beloved beverage but also recognize all the different flavors, styles, and recipes associated with it. Throughout the month, many tea shops, cafes, and restaurants host special events to celebrate the holiday.

National Hot Tea Month is celebrated every January and recognizes the importance of a hot cup of tea. This special holiday provides an opportunity to explore the many different types of tea, discover new flavors, and appreciate the cultural significance of this beloved beverage. From tea tastings to special discounts, there are numerous ways to enjoy National Hot Tea Month and get creative with your favorite recipes. This holiday not only celebrates the delicious tastes of hot tea but also recognizes its many health benefits and contribution to daily wellness rituals.

These holidays provide the perfect opportunity to recognize and appreciate tea in all its forms! Whether you’re a fan of cold brews, bubble teas, or hot blends, these special days are the perfect way to celebrate your favorite beverage.

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Future Dates for National Iced Tea Day

2024June 10Monday
2025June 10Tuesday
2026June 10Wednesday
2027June 10Thursday
2028June 10Saturday
2029June 10Sunday

How to Make Iced Tea

Making the perfect pitcher of iced tea is easy with just a few simple steps. Here are some tips to help you get started

  • Start with fresh, filtered water – this will give your tea a cleaner taste and better flavor.
  • Choose the type of tea you would like to use – black teas are popular, but you can also use green tea, herbal blends, and other varieties.
  • Measure the right amount of tea – typically, one teaspoon per cup of water will give you a strong flavor, but feel free to adjust according to your preference.
  • Bring the water to a boil, and then add the tea to the pot.
  • Let the tea steep according to the type of tea you are using – black teas will usually need around 5 minutes, while herbal blends may only need a few minutes.
  • Once finished steeping, strain the tea into your pitcher and add in any additional ingredients like honey, sugar, or lemon juice.
  • Let the tea cool completely, and then add ice cubes or cold water to chill it.
  • Serve over fresh ice, garnish with fresh herbs or citrus slices, and enjoy!
  • Leftover tea can be stored in the fridge for up to a week. Enjoy!

Good luck making the perfect pitcher of iced tea for National Iced Tea Day.

Fun Facts About Iced Tea

  • Iced tea originated in the United States in 1904, when Richard Blechynden served it at the St. Louis World’s Fair to try and get people to buy his hot tea product.
  • During the 1920s, iced tea became a popular drink consumed by Americans of all backgrounds.
  • Iced tea is now the most popular beverage in the United States, outselling both coffee and soda.
  • In many Southern states, sweetened iced tea is a popular drink of choice.
  • There are a variety of different types of iced tea, including black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, and tisanes.
  • Adding citrus slices or fresh herbs to your homemade iced teas can help enhance the flavors.
  • In 2019, a survey found that iced tea is the third most popular drink in the United States, behind coffee and soda.


National Iced Tea Day is an ideal opportunity for business owners to show their appreciation for customers and promote their brand. Celebrating National Iced Tea Day provides a unique way to engage with customers and bring them together with fun activities, special promotions, and delicious iced tea recipes. By hosting events around the holiday or offering discounts on iced tea products, businesses can create lasting memories and gain customer loyalty. Investing in celebrating National Iced Tea Day is a smart way to build relationships with current customers and attract new ones. So don’t forget to join the festivities on June 10th – it’s the perfect time to show your love of iced tea.

Celebrate this special day with us, and don’t forget to download our free holiday calendar for more fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year!

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