National Lollipop Day falls on July 20th each year, giving you a sweet reason to celebrate and engage with your customers. This fun and playful holiday can be a great opportunity for your business to connect with your audience in a lighthearted way. Embrace the sweetness of National Lollipop Day to create memorable experiences for your customers and boost your brand’s visibility.

national lollipop day

When is National Lollipop Day?

Wondering when you can satisfy your sweet tooth on Lollipop Day? National Lollipop Day falls on July 20th every year. This day is dedicated to celebrating the delightful confection that brings joy to both young and old alike. It’s the perfect time to indulge in your favorite lollipop flavors and treat yourself to a sugary delight.

Mark your calendars for July 20th and get ready to enjoy National Lollipop Day. Whether you prefer classic fruit flavors, sour varieties, or novelty shapes, this is the day to revel in all things lollipop-related. Plan a lollipop-themed party, share lollipops with friends and family, or simply savor one on your own – the choice is yours!

As National Lollipop Day approaches, consider exploring different types of lollipops to add some excitement to your celebration. From traditional swirl pops to gourmet artisan lollipops, there’s a wide array of options to choose from. You can even try your hand at making homemade lollipops for a fun and creative activity.

History of National Lollipop Day

National Lollipop Day, celebrated annually on July 20th, traces its origins to the 1930s when the iconic confection gained popularity in the United States. The holiday is a testament to the enduring appeal of this sugary treat and its cultural significance in American society.

The exact genesis of National Lollipop Day is not documented, but it likely emerged organically as a result of the widespread love for lollipops. These sweet candies, consisting of hardened sugar on a stick, have a long history dating back centuries. Early versions of lollipops can be traced to ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, who enjoyed honey-coated treats on sticks. However, the modern lollipop as we know it today didn’t emerge until the 19th century when advances in sugar processing and confectionery techniques made mass production possible.

One key figure associated with the popularization of lollipops is George Smith, a confectioner from New Haven, Connecticut. In 1908, Smith reportedly named the candy after his favorite racehorse, Lolly Pop. The name stuck, and lollipops became a beloved treat enjoyed by people of all ages.

Over time, lollipops became ingrained in American culture, appearing in literature, films, and advertisements. Their association with childhood joy and innocence only served to enhance their appeal. As a result, it’s not surprising that a holiday celebrating lollipops would eventually emerge.


How to Celebrate National Lollipop Day

Ready to celebrate National Lollipop Day? It’s time to explore how you and your business can participate in the fun! Let’s immerse ourselves in some creative ways to mark this sweet occasion.

How Individuals Can Celebrate National Lollipop Day

Ready to sweeten up your day? Celebrate National Lollipop Day by indulging in a lollipop tasting session and trying out different flavors. Get creative by making lollipop-inspired crafts like lollipop bouquets or decorations for a festive touch. Spread the joy by sharing lollipops with friends, family, or even strangers to brighten their day!

  • Lollipop Tasting Party: Host a lollipop tasting party with friends or family, featuring a variety of flavors and types of lollipops from around the world.
  • DIY Lollipop Making: Get creative in the kitchen by making your own lollipops with different colors, shapes, and flavors. Experiment with ingredients like fruit juices, extracts, and even edible flowers.
  • Lollipop Art Project: Use lollipops as a medium for art. Create colorful lollipop bouquets or sculptures, or try your hand at lollipop painting by using melted lollipops as a vibrant medium.
  • Lollipop Hunt: Organize a lollipop scavenger hunt in your neighborhood or local park, hiding lollipops in creative places for participants to find. It’s a fun way to combine outdoor adventure with sweet rewards.
  • Lollipop Charity Drive: Give back to your community by organizing a lollipop charity drive. Collect lollipops to donate to local hospitals, shelters, or community centers, spreading joy to those in need.

How Businesses Can Celebrate National Lollipop Day

You’re excited to infuse some fun into your business for National Lollipop Day. Get ready to discover five innovative ways that will help you engage employees, attract customers, and spread the holiday spirit throughout your operations. Let’s explore these actionable strategies together!

  • Lollipop Giveaways: Offer free lollipops to customers with purchases or as a thank-you gesture for visiting your business. Customize lollipops with your logo or brand colors for added visibility and brand recognition.
  • Lollipop-themed Promotions: Create special promotions or discounts centered around lollipops. For example, offer a discount to customers who come into your store wearing a lollipop-themed accessory or clothing item.
  • Lollipop Decorating Contest: Host a lollipop decorating contest among employees or customers. Provide plain lollipops along with various decorating materials like icing, sprinkles, and edible glitter. Encourage participants to get creative and share their designs on social media.
  • Lollipop-inspired Menu Items: If you’re a restaurant or cafe, incorporate lollipops into your menu for the day. Create lollipop-infused drinks, desserts, or even savory dishes for a unique culinary experience that ties into the holiday theme.
  • Lollipop-themed Employee Appreciation: Show appreciation for your employees by organizing a lollipop-themed appreciation event. Set up a lollipop bar with a variety of flavors and encourage employees to take a moment to enjoy a sweet treat together.

Social Media Post Ideas for National Lollipop Day

Ready to jazz up your social media for National Lollipop Day? Get inspired with fun and engaging post ideas for both individuals and businesses. Let’s make your feed pop with sweet content this holiday!

Social Media Post Ideas for Individuals to Use on National Lollipop Day

So, you’re looking to spice up your social media game on National Lollipop Day? How about sharing a fun lollipop recipe or hosting a lollipop-themed giveaway to engage your audience? Don’t forget to showcase your favorite lollipop flavors and encourage followers to join in the sweet celebration!

  • Share Fun Facts: Educate your followers about lollipops’ history and interesting trivia.
  • Host a Lollipop Giveaway: Encourage participation by offering a sweet treat to your followers.
  • Create Lollipop-themed Polls: Engage your audience with interactive content.
  • Collaborate with Lollipop Brands: Partner with lollipop companies for special promotions.
  • Showcase Lollipop Art: Share unique lollipop-inspired creations to inspire creativity.

Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses to Use on National Lollipop Day

When celebrating National Lollipop Day, businesses can leverage social media to engage with their audience creatively. Consider showcasing lollipop-themed products or creating polls to involve your followers. Additionally, sharing fun facts about lollipops or hosting a giveaway can generate buzz around your brand on this sweet occasion.

  • Lollipop Trivia Contest: Engage your audience with lollipop-themed trivia questions on social media. Offer a lollipop-themed prize for the first person to correctly answer each question, encouraging participation and interaction.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Lollipop Making: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business preparing for National Lollipop Day. Show the lollipop-making process, from mixing ingredients to packaging the finished products, giving followers an inside look at your operations.
  • User-generated Content Campaign: Launch a user-generated content campaign where followers are encouraged to share photos or videos of themselves enjoying lollipops. Use a branded hashtag to track submissions and feature the best ones on your social media channels.
  • Lollipop Recipe Showcase: Share lollipop recipes or creative ways to use lollipops in recipes on your social media platforms. Include step-by-step instructions or short tutorial videos to inspire your audience to try making their own lollipops at home.
  • Lollipop Polls and Surveys: Create interactive polls and surveys related to lollipops on social media. Ask questions like “What’s your favorite lollipop flavor?” or “How many licks does it take to finish a lollipop?” to spark conversation and gather insights from your audience.

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Hashtags to Use During National Lollipop Day

You can enhance your social media posts for National Lollipop Day by incorporating catchy and trendy hashtags. These hashtags will help your content reach a wider audience and engage with lollipop enthusiasts all around. Check out the list of hashtags provided to sprinkle some sweetness into your online celebration!

  • #SweetTreats
  • #LollipopLove
  • #SugarRush
  • #CandyCrush
  • #PopItLikeItsHot
  • #FlavorFun
  • #LollipopObsession
  • #SuckerForSweets
  • #TasteTheRainbow
  • #LollipopDayDelight

For the complete list of holidays to celebrate on social media in July, visit

As you think about celebrating National Lollipop Day, don’t forget about the other fun holidays related to this sweet treat. From Candy Corn Day to Sour Candy Day, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in sugary delights throughout the year. For more exciting celebrations, grab our free calendar packed with over 1,000 unique holidays to enjoy!

  • National Cotton Candy Day: Indulge in the sweet nostalgia of fluffy cotton candy on this delightful holiday.
  • National Ice Cream Day: Cool off with a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor on this invigorating day of creamy treats.
  • National Chocolate Day: Immerse yourself in the rich and decadent world of chocolate to satisfy your sweet cravings on this special day.
  • National Candy Cane Day: Embrace the festive spirit with the minty freshness of candy canes on this joyous holiday.
  • National Dessert Day: Treat yourself to a decadent dessert of your choice, celebrating the sweet side of life on this delectable day.

For more holidays, download our free calendar with over 1,000 fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year. Head to to grab your free copy.

Future Dates for National Lollipop Day

Let’s take a quick look at the future dates for National Lollipop Day. You can find a handy table with upcoming years, months, and days for this sweet celebration. Check out the markdown code to easily plan your future festivities!

2024July 20thSaturday
2025July 20thSunday
2026July 20thMonday
2027July 20thTuesday
2028July 20thThursday
2029July 20thFriday

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about National Lollipop Day? You’re in the right place! Get ready for some quick answers to the most common questions surrounding this sweet celebration. Let’s clear up any doubts you may have.

What is the origin of National Lollipop Day?

National Lollipop Day originated as a celebration of the beloved confectionery treat and its cultural significance, likely emerging in the 1930s in the United States.

The holiday serves as a tribute to the joy and nostalgia associated with lollipops, with various activities and promotions held annually on July 20th.

How can I celebrate National Lollipop Day?

You can celebrate National Lollipop Day by hosting lollipop tasting parties, creating DIY lollipops, organizing lollipop-themed art projects, participating in lollipop scavenger hunts, or contributing to lollipop charity drives.

These creative and engaging activities allow you to indulge in sweet treats while celebrating the whimsical spirit of the holiday.

How can businesses participate in National Lollipop Day?

Businesses can celebrate National Lollipop Day by offering lollipop giveaways to customers, creating lollipop-themed promotions, hosting lollipop decorating contests, incorporating lollipop-inspired menu items, or organizing lollipop-themed employee appreciation events.

These strategies help businesses attract customers, engage employees, and showcase the holiday spirit within their operations.


In conclusion, National Lollipop Day stands as a testament to the enduring charm and cultural significance of the beloved candy on a stick. From its humble origins to its widespread recognition today, this holiday celebrates the joy, nostalgia, and sweetness that lollipops bring to people of all ages. Whether through creative celebrations, business promotions, or social media engagement, there are countless ways to participate in the festivities and spread the fun of National Lollipop Day. So, whether you’re indulging in a lollipop tasting party, joining a lollipop scavenger hunt, or simply enjoying your favorite flavor, take a moment on July 20th to savor the sweetness and share in the celebration of this delightful treat!

Celebrate this special day with us, and don’t forget to download our free holiday calendar for more fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year.

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