National Mimosa Day is on May 16. It’s a great opportunity for your business to attract customers with themed promotions and special offers on this fun and invigorating holiday. Make sure to stock up on champagne and orange juice to celebrate in style!

national mimosa day

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When is National Mimosa Day ?

Embracing the spirit of celebration, consider marking your calendars for National Mimosa Day on May 16, 2024. This delightful holiday is the perfect excuse to indulge in the classic combination of champagne and orange juice, whether you’re hosting a brunch for friends or simply looking to add some sparkle to your day. By celebrating National Mimosa Day, you can elevate a regular day into a special occasion filled with bubbly cheer and invigorating citrusy goodness.

On this day, take the opportunity to raise a toast to the simple joys in life and savor the invigorating taste of a well-made mimosa. Whether you prefer your mimosa with a splash of grapefruit juice or a twist of lime, National Mimosa Day is all about enjoying this iconic drink in the company of loved ones or even by treating yourself to a solo celebration. So, make sure to stock up on your favorite bubbly and citrusy ingredients to make the most of this effervescent holiday. Cheers to National Mimosa Day!

History of National Mimosa Day

National Mimosa Day traces its roots back to the iconic cocktail itself, a delightful blend of champagne and citrus juice that has been enjoyed for generations. While the exact origins of National Mimosa Day are unclear, its establishment likely stems from the growing popularity of the mimosa cocktail in the United States and around the world. The combination of champagne and orange juice is believed to have originated in France, where it was traditionally served as a morning pick-me-up or a celebratory libation. Over time, the mimosa gained popularity as a staple of brunch culture, with its light and bubbly nature perfectly complementing the leisurely atmosphere of weekend mornings.

In contemporary times, National Mimosa Day has emerged as a playful and lighthearted observance, celebrated by cocktail enthusiasts, brunch aficionados, and social media influencers alike. The holiday provides an opportunity for individuals to come together and indulge in the simple pleasures of good company and delicious libations. From brunch gatherings with friends to virtual mimosa tastings and mixology competitions, there are countless ways to honor National Mimosa Day and toast to its enduring legacy.

The symbolism of the mimosa cocktail extends beyond its ingredients, embodying notions of conviviality, indulgence, and celebration. As a drink often associated with special occasions and festive gatherings, the mimosa serves as a reminder to savor life’s simple joys and cherish moments of connection with loved ones. Its bright and effervescent flavors evoke feelings of optimism and vitality, making it the perfect accompaniment to moments of joy and camaraderie.

In essence, National Mimosa Day encapsulates the essence of conviviality and celebration, inviting individuals to raise a glass in honor of life’s small pleasures. Whether enjoyed at a bustling brunch spot, a cozy home gathering, or a virtual toast with friends, the mimosa serves as a symbol of togetherness and shared joy. So, on May 16th, let us come together to raise a toast to National Mimosa Day, celebrating the rich history, cultural significance, and enduring legacy of this beloved cocktail.


How to Celebrate National Mimosa Day

Ready to raise a glass and celebrate National Mimosa Day? Discover fun ways individuals and businesses can join in the festivities. From brunch gatherings to office toasts, there are endless ways to enjoy this bubbly occasion!

How Individuals Can Celebrate National Mimosa Day

Get ready to elevate your National Mimosa Day celebration! From hosting a brunch with friends to trying out new mimosa recipes, there are plenty of ways to make this day special. Whether you prefer a classic orange juice and champagne mix or want to experiment with different fruit juices, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on this bubbly holiday.

  • Mimosa Mixology Madness: Host a mimosa-making competition where participants experiment with unique ingredients like flavored syrups, exotic fruits, or even edible flowers to craft the most innovative mimosa concoction.
  • Picnic in the Park: Organize a mimosa-themed picnic in a local park, complete with blankets, delicious brunch treats, and of course, plenty of refreshing mimosas to toast to the occasion.
  • Virtual Mimosa Brunch: Host a virtual mimosa brunch with friends or family, where everyone prepares their favorite brunch dish and mixes up their own mimosas while enjoying lively conversation and laughter via video call.
  • Mimosa Bar Crawl: Explore your city’s nightlife scene by embarking on a mimosa-themed bar crawl, hopping from one venue to another to sample different variations of this classic cocktail.
  • DIY Mimosa Spa Day: Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day at home with DIY mimosa-inspired beauty treatments like a citrus-infused facial mask, a champagne foot soak, and, of course, a glass of bubbly mimosa to sip on while you pamper yourself.

How Businesses Can Celebrate National Mimosa Day

Looking to make your business stand out on National Mimosa Day? Get ready to spice up your celebrations with these five innovative ways to engage your team and draw in customers. From themed brunch events to creative social media campaigns, there are plenty of strategies to infuse your operations with the festive spirit of this bubbly holiday. Get ready to elevate your business game and toast to success!

  • Mimosa Mix-Off at the Office: Host a friendly mimosa-making competition among employees, encouraging them to showcase their creativity by inventing unique mimosa recipes. Offer prizes for categories like “Most Inventive,” “Best Presentation,” and “Crowd Favorite” to boost participation and excitement.
  • Mimosa Happy Hour Specials: Create special mimosa-themed happy hour promotions at your business establishment, whether it’s a restaurant, bar, or café. Offer discounts on mimosa pitchers, introduce new mimosa flavors, or even provide complimentary mimosa samples to attract customers and spread the National Mimosa Day cheer.
  • Virtual Mimosa Tasting Event: Organize a virtual mimosa tasting event for loyal customers or clients, where they can join a live stream hosted by your business to learn about different mimosa recipes, mixology tips, and champagne pairings from expert bartenders or sommeliers.
  • Mimosa-inspired Product Launch: If your business offers food, beverage, or lifestyle products, consider launching a special mimosa-inspired product or limited edition collection to coincide with National Mimosa Day. This could include flavored syrups, brunch kits, cocktail glasses, or even mimosa-scented candles to entice customers and drive sales.
  • Employee Mimosa Brunch: Treat your employees to a mimosa brunch as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Whether it’s catered in the office or hosted at a nearby restaurant, gathering your team for a delicious brunch accompanied by refreshing mimosas can boost morale, foster camaraderie, and create lasting memories.

Social Media Post Ideas for National Mimosa Day

When planning your social media content for National Mimosa Day, consider sharing fun cocktail recipes, hosting a virtual toast with your followers, or running a mimosa-themed giveaway to engage your audience. Businesses can showcase their mimosa specials, offer discounts for the day, or even collaborate with influencers for a special promotion. Let your creativity flow and make sure to use eye-catching visuals and catchy captions to make your National Mimosa Day posts stand out!

Social Media Post Ideas for Individuals to Use on National Mimosa Day

When gearing up for National Mimosa Day, consider these social media post ideas to spice up your feed. Share your favorite mimosa recipe, whether it’s classic or with a twist, to engage your audience. Encourage followers to join in the celebration by sharing their mimosa creations using a dedicated hashtag.

  • Mimosa Mixology Tutorial: Share a step-by-step video or series of posts demonstrating how to create your favorite mimosa recipe, highlighting unique ingredients or presentation tips to inspire your followers to try it themselves.
  • Mimosa Memories Collage: Create a collage of photos showcasing memorable moments spent enjoying mimosas with friends or family, accompanied by a heartfelt caption expressing your love for this delightful cocktail and the joy it brings.
  • Mimosa Trivia Challenge: Post a series of mimosa-themed trivia questions throughout the day, engaging your followers and encouraging them to interact by guessing the answers in the comments. Offer prizes or shoutouts to those who participate and answer correctly.
  • Mimosa Polls and Surveys: Use Instagram polls or Twitter surveys to ask your followers fun questions related to mimosas, such as their favorite juice pairing, preferred champagne brand, or ideal brunch spot to enjoy this beloved beverage.
  • Mimosa Recipe Exchange: Start a thread or hashtag where followers can share their own mimosa recipes, variations, or favorite mimosa-related experiences, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among fellow mimosa enthusiasts.

Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses to Use on National Mimosa Day

When celebrating National Mimosa Day, businesses can leverage social media to connect with their audience in fun and engaging ways. Posting about special Mimosa Day promotions or discounts can attract new customers and boost sales. Utilize eye-catching visuals and interactive content to make your posts stand out and create buzz around your business on this celebratory day.

  • Mimosa Menu Teasers: Share tantalizing photos or videos of your special National Mimosa Day menu items, giving followers a sneak peek of the delicious mimosa variations they can enjoy at your establishment.
  • Mimosa Mixology Live Demo: Host a live streaming session on social media where your bartender demonstrates how to make signature mimosa cocktails, engaging viewers with interactive Q&A sessions and behind-the-scenes insights.
  • Mimosa Giveaway Contest: Launch a social media giveaway contest where followers can enter to win a mimosa-themed prize pack, such as a brunch gift basket with champagne, assorted juices, and brunch snacks, by liking, sharing, and tagging friends in the comments.
  • Mimosa Influencer Collaboration: Partner with local influencers or bloggers who specialize in food, drinks, or lifestyle content to create sponsored posts or stories featuring your business’s National Mimosa Day promotions, events, or special offers.
  • Mimosa Fan Photo Showcase: Encourage customers to share photos of themselves enjoying mimosas at your establishment by using a specific hashtag or tagging your business, then repost their photos on your own social media accounts to showcase the fun and excitement of National Mimosa Day celebrations.

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Hashtags to Use During National Mimosa Day

When planning your National Mimosa Day social media posts, remember to include these catchy hashtags to boost engagement and reach a wider audience. Don’t forget to check out the full list for more creative ideas to make your posts pop!

  • #MimosaMagic
  • #FizzAndFun
  • #SipAndCelebrate
  • #CheersToMimosas
  • #BrunchGoals
  • #PopFizzClink
  • #MimosaMania
  • #SundayFunday
  • #DrinkUpButtercup
  • #BubblyBliss

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Gift Ideas for National Mimosa Day

Searching for the perfect gifts to celebrate National Mimosa Day? Explore our curated list of five fantastic gift ideas from Amazon to elevate your Mimosa Day festivities. From Elegant Mimosa Flutes to Citrus Juicers, these gifts are guaranteed to add a touch of sparkle to your celebrations.

  • Mimosa Making Kit: Gift a complete mimosa making kit featuring champagne, assorted juices, and elegant glassware, perfect for creating delightful cocktails at home with ease.
  • Mimosa-themed Recipe Book: Surprise the mimosa enthusiast in your life with a beautifully illustrated recipe book filled with creative and mouthwatering mimosa recipes to explore and enjoy.
  • Champagne Flutes Set: Elevate their mimosa experience with a set of exquisite champagne flutes, designed to enhance the aromas and flavors of their favorite bubbly beverages.
  • Mimosa Scented Candle: Transport them to a brunch oasis with a mimosa scented candle, filling their home with the invigorating aromas of citrus and champagne bubbles.
  • Mimosa-inspired Art Print: Brighten up their space with a vibrant and whimsical art print featuring colorful mimosa illustrations, adding a touch of charm and cheer to any room.

Excited to learn about more holidays related to National Mimosa Day? Discover a list of 5 fun and unique holidays that tie into this bubbly celebration. Get ready to mark your calendar and add some extra sparkle to your festivities!

  • Mother’s Day: Celebrated on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day is a special occasion to honor and show appreciation to mothers and mother figures, often accompanied by brunch gatherings where mimosas are a popular choice.
  • New Year’s Day: The first day of the new year is a time for reflection, renewal, and celebration, often marked by indulgent brunches and toasts with champagne cocktails like mimosas.
  • International Women’s Day: Observed on March 8th, International Women’s Day is dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide, sometimes marked by brunch events where mimosas are served in solidarity.
  • Easter Sunday: Easter Sunday, which falls on varying dates in spring, is a Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, often celebrated with family gatherings and festive brunches featuring mimosas alongside traditional fare.
  • National Brunch Day: Celebrated on the first Sunday in June, National Brunch Day is a perfect opportunity to indulge in leisurely mid-morning meals with friends and family, where mimosas often take center stage as the quintessential brunch beverage.

For more holidays, download our free calendar with over 1,000 fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year. Head to to grab your free copy.

Future Dates for National Mimosa Day

Let’s chat about the upcoming dates for National Mimosa Day. Check out the table below for a sneak peek at the celebrations lined up starting from 2024. Get ready to mark your calendars for some bubbly fun in the years ahead!

2024May 16thTuesday
2025May 16thSaturday
2026May 16thSunday
2027May 16thMonday
2028May 16thWednesday
2029May 16thThursday

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about National Mimosa Day? Here are some common questions people have about this celebration. Get ready to learn more about the ins and outs of this bubbly holiday!

What is National Mimosa Day?

National Mimosa Day is a fun and unofficial holiday observed on May 16th, dedicated to celebrating the delightful combination of champagne and citrus juice in the beloved brunch cocktail known as the mimosa.

How can I celebrate National Mimosa Day?

You can celebrate National Mimosa Day by hosting a mimosa-themed brunch, trying out new mimosa recipes, or simply raising a glass of this refreshing cocktail with friends and family.

Are there non-alcoholic alternatives for National Mimosa Day?

Yes, you can enjoy the spirit of National Mimosa Day without alcohol by substituting champagne with sparkling water or non-alcoholic sparkling cider, paired with your favorite fruit juice for a refreshing mocktail twist.


In summary, National Mimosa Day offers a delightful opportunity to indulge in the refreshing and celebratory spirit of this classic brunch cocktail. Whether you’re mixing up your own unique mimosa creations, enjoying a leisurely brunch with loved ones, or simply raising a glass to toast the occasion, there are countless ways to join in the fun. So, on May 16th, why not raise your glass and savor the fizzy, citrusy goodness of a mimosa, while cherishing the moments shared with friends, family, or even in quiet reflection? Cheers to National Mimosa Day, and may it be a day filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of bubbly bliss!

Celebrate this special day with us, and don’t forget to download our free holiday calendar for more fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year.

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