National Peanut Butter Day is celebrated on January 24th. Entrepreneurs and marketers aiming to commemorate National Peanut Butter Day can capitalize on this unique occasion to showcase their offerings and boost brand awareness. 

This article provides creative suggestions for celebrating the holiday, including collaborating with local food establishments featuring peanut butter delights or introducing exclusive promotions and discounts. 

Additionally, it offers insights into leveraging social media with relevant posts and hashtags to maximize marketing endeavors on this day. Armed with these valuable strategies, businesses can optimize their presence on National Peanut Butter Day and connect with a broader audience.

national peanut butter day

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When is National Peanut Butter Day?

National Peanut Butter Day falls on January 24th each year. This designated day celebrates the beloved spread, offering enthusiasts and businesses alike an opportunity to indulge in peanut butter-themed festivities and promotions. 

Whether enjoying a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich or exploring innovative recipes, January 24th serves as a delicious reminder to honor this versatile and popular food item.

History of National Peanut Butter Day

It is important to note that many unofficial national days, including those dedicated to specific foods, often emerge through grassroots efforts, social media campaigns, or promotional initiatives by industry organizations.

Given the popularity of peanut butter and its widespread consumption in the United States and beyond, it’s plausible that National Peanut Butter Day originated as a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate this beloved spread. 

Over the years, the observance has likely gained traction through social media, food enthusiasts, and various promotions by businesses looking to capitalize on the occasion.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the history of National Peanut Butter Day, it would be advisable to consult reputable sources or official declarations from relevant authorities if available.


How to Celebrate National Peanut Butter Day

Welcome to a delectable exploration of ideas for celebrating National Peanut Butter Day! Whether you’re an individual looking to savor the creamy goodness on a personal level or a business eager to engage customers with peanut butter delights, this section is packed with creative suggestions to make January 24th a memorable celebration. 

From indulgent treats to collaborative promotions, let the nutty festivities begin!

Ideas for Individuals:

  • Create a Peanut Butter Buffet: Set up a spread with various types of peanut butter, from crunchy to creamy, and an array of complementary treats like crackers, fruits, and pretzels.
  • Peanut Butter-Themed Cooking: Try your hand at baking peanut butter cookies, making peanut butter pancakes, or crafting your unique peanut butter-inspired dishes.
  • Peanut Butter Tasting Party: Host a tasting session with different peanut butter brands or artisanal varieties to discover new favorites.
  • Peanut Butter Smoothie Day: Blend up a delicious peanut butter smoothie with bananas, yogurt, and a drizzle of honey for a nutritious treat.
  • Spread the Love: Share jars of your favorite peanut butter with friends, family, or neighbors as a tasty gesture of goodwill.

Ideas for Businesses:

  • Collaborate with Local Bakeries: Partner with bakeries to feature special peanut butter-infused pastries or desserts for the day.
  • Peanut Butter Discounts: Offer discounts or promotions on peanut butter-related products, encouraging customers to indulge in the celebration.
  • Social Media Challenges: Create engaging challenges or contests on social media, asking customers to share their favorite peanut butter recipes or moments.
  • Limited-Time Menu Items: Restaurants and cafes can introduce limited-time menu items featuring peanut butter, attracting food enthusiasts seeking unique culinary experiences.
  • Peanut Butter Pairings: Pair peanut butter with other products in your store, such as chocolates, coffee, or snacks, for enticing cross-promotions.

As National Peanut Butter Day approaches, embrace the nutty goodness and let your creativity flow. Whether you’re enjoying peanut butter-infused treats at home or igniting enthusiasm among your customers, this celebration promises a flavorful and fun experience for all. Get ready to spread the joy and revel in the deliciousness of National Peanut Butter Day!

Social Media Post Ideas for National Peanut Butter Day

Dive into the digital celebration of National Peanut Butter Day with a collection of engaging and mouthwatering social media post ideas. For businesses eager to connect with their audience and spread the joy of this beloved spread, this section is a treasure trove of creativity.

From tempting visuals to interactive challenges, these suggestions will help your brand make a delightful splash across social platforms on January 24th. Get ready to whip up a peanut butter frenzy in the online sphere!

Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses:

  • Visual Feast: Share high-quality images or videos of your best peanut butter products, enticing followers with their irresistible allure.
  • Peanut Butter Trivia: Educate your audience with interesting peanut butter facts or trivia, encouraging them to share their own peanut butter knowledge.
  • Recipe Showcase: Highlight a signature peanut butter recipe from your menu or encourage followers to share their creative peanut butter concoctions.
  • Interactive Polls: Use polls to ask followers about their favorite peanut butter combinations or to vote on potential new peanut butter-flavored products.
  • Caption Contest: Post a playful image related to peanut butter and invite followers to come up with witty or creative captions, fostering engagement.
  • Share User-generated Content: Repost and celebrate customer photos featuring your peanut butter products, creating a sense of community.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Peek: Take followers behind the scenes to show how your team prepares or sources peanut butter, giving them a glimpse into the process.
  • Peanut Butter Quotes: Share humorous or inspiring peanut butter quotes that resonate with your brand’s personality.

Harness the power of social media to amplify the celebration of National Peanut Butter Day. These ideas provide a tasty blend of visuals, interaction, and community engagement, ensuring your brand stands out in the online peanut butter festivities. So, ignite the virtual celebration, connect with your audience, and let the peanut butter love spread far and wide across social media platforms!

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Hashtags to Use During National Peanut Butter Day

In the dynamic realm of social media, hashtags serve as powerful tools to amplify the reach and engagement of your content. As we gear up to celebrate National Peanut Butter Day, incorporating relevant and trending hashtags becomes paramount.

These not only connect your posts with a broader audience but also foster a sense of community around this delectable occasion. 

In this section, discover the significance of leveraging hashtags and explore a curated list that will elevate your National Peanut Butter Day social media presence to new heights.

Hashtags to Use on Social Media for National Peanut Butter Day:

  • #PeanutButterDay
  • #SpreadTheLove
  • #PeanutButterJoy
  • #NuttyDelight
  • #PeanutButterObsessed
  • #PBPower
  • #CrunchyVsCreamy
  • #PeanutButterLovers
  • #SnackTimeDelight
  • #PeanutButterTreats
  • #TasteOfTradition
  • #PBPerfection
  • #SavorTheSpread
  • #PeanutButterCreation
  • #PeanutButterFiesta

As you embark on the National Peanut Butter Day celebration across social media platforms, remember that hashtags are your allies in creating a digital buzz. These carefully selected tags not only connect you with like-minded enthusiasts but also contribute to the vibrancy of the online festivities. So, sprinkle these hashtags into your posts, join the broader conversation, and let the virtual peanut butter celebration resonate far and wide. Here’s to a hashtag-filled National Peanut Butter Day that leaves a lasting impression on social media!

For the complete list of holidays to celebrate on social media in January, visit

Gift Ideas for National Peanut Butter Day

Celebrate National Peanut Butter Day with a delightful twist by exploring unique and mouthwatering gift ideas that pay homage to this beloved spread. 

Whether you’re searching for the perfect present for a peanut butter enthusiast or aiming to surprise a loved one with a tasty treat, this section unveils a collection of amazing gift ideas that capture the essence of this nutty celebration. 

From gourmet selections to DIY creations, these gifts are bound to spread joy and peanut butter goodness on January 24th.

Gift Ideas for National Peanut Butter Day:

  • Custom Peanut Butter Gift Basket: Curate a personalized basket filled with an assortment of gourmet peanut butter jars, artisanal spreads, and complementary snacks for a tasteful and thoughtful gift.
  • Peanut Butter Lover’s Cookbook: Gift a cookbook dedicated to peanut butter-inspired recipes, offering a treasure trove of creative culinary ideas for the recipient to explore in their kitchen.
  • DIY Peanut Butter Kit: Provide the tools for a hands-on experience with a DIY peanut butter kit, complete with premium nuts, sweeteners, and mix-ins, allowing the giftee to craft their custom blend.
  • Peanut Butter-Themed Apparel: Surprise a peanut butter enthusiast with fun and quirky apparel featuring playful peanut butter graphics, from T-shirts and socks to aprons and hats.
  • Peanut Butter Subscription Box: Opt for a subscription box that delivers a monthly supply of unique and exotic peanut butter flavors, ensuring a continuous delight long after National Peanut Butter Day.

Elevate the celebration of National Peanut Butter Day by embracing the joy of gifting. These thoughtful and delectable ideas cater to the peanut butter aficionado in your life, offering a sweet and memorable way to mark this nutty occasion. Whether you opt for gourmet selections or DIY experiences, these gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression and add an extra layer of deliciousness to the festivities. Here’s to spreading the love and indulging in the nutty goodness of National Peanut Butter Day!

National Peanut Butter Day brings with it not only a celebration of this creamy and versatile spread but also an opportunity to explore a realm of related holidays that pay homage to culinary delights and quirky themes.

In this section, delve into a diverse array of holidays that share a flavorful connection with National Peanut Butter Day, offering a calendar filled with exciting reasons to indulge in unique festivities and culinary explorations.

National Peanut Day (September 13): Celebrate the peanut in its purest form, acknowledging its role as the star ingredient in peanut butter.

Peanut Brittle Day (January 26): Extend the nutty festivities by enjoying the crunchy sweetness of peanut brittle, just days after National Peanut Butter Day.

National Chocolate-Covered Peanut Day (February 25): Combine the irresistible duo of chocolate and peanuts to honor this delectable combination.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (April 2): Pay homage to the classic pairing that has been a staple in lunchboxes and kitchens around the world.

National Trail Mix Day (August 31): Highlighting the importance of peanuts in trail mix, this day offers a nod to the beloved snack that often features peanut butter-covered treats.

National Peanut Butter Day is not an isolated celebration; it’s part of a delightful tapestry of holidays that spotlight the diverse and delicious world of peanuts and their derivatives. Whether indulging in the classic combination of peanut butter and jelly or savoring the crunch of peanut brittle, each related holiday adds a unique flavor to the culinary calendar. As you mark National Peanut Butter Day, consider exploring these connected celebrations, creating a year-round journey of nutty delights and gastronomic adventures. Here’s to a calendar brimming with peanut-inspired joy!

For more holidays, download our free calendar with over 1,000 fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year. Head to to grab your free copy!

Future Dates for National Peanut Butter Day

2024January 24Wednesday
2025January 24Friday
2026January 24Saturday
2027January 24Sunday
2028January 24Monday
2029January 24Wednesday
2030January 24Thursday

List of ideas for National Peanut Butter Day

  • Peanut Butter Tasting Party: Host a tasting event with various peanut butter brands and flavors, accompanied by an array of complementary snacks like apples, pretzels, and crackers. Encourage guests to discover and discuss their favorite pairings.
  • Create a Peanut Butter Recipe Challenge: Organize a friendly competition where participants showcase their creativity by preparing unique peanut butter dishes. It could be anything from savory dishes to desserts. Have a panel of judges or let attendees vote for the most innovative recipe.
  • Peanut Butter and Movie Night: Combine the joy of peanut butter with a cozy movie night. Prepare peanut butter-themed snacks like popcorn drizzled with peanut butter, peanut butter cups, and peanut butter milkshakes. Select movies featuring iconic peanut butter moments.
  • Virtual Peanut Butter Exchange: Coordinate a virtual peanut butter exchange where participants share their favorite peanut butter products with others. This can be done within a community, workplace, or among friends, creating a fun way to discover new brands and varieties.
  • Peanut Butter Charity Drive: Use National Peanut Butter Day as an opportunity to give back. Organize a peanut butter drive to collect jars for donation to local food banks or shelters. Encourage community members to contribute to this nutty and nutritious cause.


In conclusion, for business owners, National Peanut Butter Day represents an exciting opportunity to connect with their audience, boost brand visibility, and foster a sense of community. By embracing creative promotions, collaborating with local establishments, and leveraging the power of social media with captivating content and hashtags, businesses can infuse the celebration with a delectable energy. Whether offering exclusive discounts, introducing special menu items, or engaging customers through interactive campaigns, the possibilities are as diverse as the spread itself. Through thoughtful and innovative approaches, businesses can not only enhance their presence on this nutty occasion but also create lasting connections with peanut butter enthusiasts, ensuring a memorable and successful celebration of National Peanut Butter Day. So, spread the joy, savor the moment, and let the peanut butter festivities leave a lasting impact on both businesses and their cherished customers.

Celebrate this special day with us, and don’t forget to download our free holiday calendar for more fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year!

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