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National Plus Size Appreciation Day is celebrated on October 6th. For business owners and marketers aiming to commemorate National Plus Size Appreciation Day, there’s a chance to leverage this unique occasion as a platform to enhance the visibility of their offerings; this article presents creative concepts for celebrating the event, including collaborations with local plus-size fashion stores or the introduction of exclusive deals and savings, alongside insights into effective social media strategies and hashtags, enabling businesses to optimize their marketing endeavors on this day and connect with a broader, diverse customer demographic.

national plus size appreciation day

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When is National Plus Size Appreciation Day?

National Plus Size Appreciation Day is observed annually on October 6th. It serves as a significant occasion to celebrate and embrace body diversity, promote body positivity, and raise awareness about the importance of inclusivity in fashion, media, and society as a whole. 

This day offers a platform to acknowledge the beauty and uniqueness of individuals of all sizes while challenging harmful stereotypes and promoting self-confidence and self-love. 

Through various events, initiatives, and discussions, National Plus Size Appreciation Day fosters a sense of empowerment and acceptance within the plus-size community and beyond.

History of National Plus Size Appreciation Day

National Plus Size Appreciation Day has its origins in the body positivity movement and the ongoing efforts to challenge societal beauty standards. 

The day was established to celebrate and recognize the beauty and worth of individuals of all sizes, particularly those who are often marginalized or underrepresented in mainstream media and fashion.

While the exact origin of National Plus Size Appreciation Day might not be definitively traced, its emergence can be attributed to the increasing advocacy for body diversity and acceptance. 

As the body positivity movement gained momentum in the late 20th century, activists, influencers, and communities began to highlight the damaging effects of unrealistic beauty ideals and the need to appreciate and embrace bodies of all shapes and sizes.

In recent years, social media platforms have played a significant role in spreading awareness about body positivity and celebrating plus-size individuals. 

Hashtags like #PlusSizeAppreciation and #BodyPositive have helped create a virtual space where people can share their stories, experiences, and confidence-boosting messages. 

This online activism, along with the work of advocates and organizations, has contributed to the recognition of National Plus Size Appreciation Day.

Celebrated annually on October 6th, National Plus Size Appreciation Day encourages discussions around body diversity, self-love, and inclusivity. 

It serves as a reminder to challenge harmful stereotypes, promote positive body image, and amplify the voices of those who have been historically marginalized due to their size. 

The day’s history is a testament to the ongoing fight for body acceptance and the celebration of beauty in all its forms.


How to Celebrate National Plus Size Appreciation Day

As National Plus Size Appreciation Day approaches, both individuals and businesses have a wonderful opportunity to join in the celebration of body diversity, self-confidence, and inclusivity. 

This day serves as a powerful reminder to embrace and appreciate all body shapes and sizes while fostering an environment of acceptance and self-love. 

Whether you’re an individual looking to honor the occasion personally or a business seeking to promote a message of inclusiveness, there are numerous creative ways to make a meaningful impact on this important day.

Ideas for Individuals:

  • Self-Love Affirmations: Start the day with positive affirmations that celebrate your own body and encourage self-love.
  • Social Media Campaign: Share your own journey towards body positivity using the hashtag #PlusSizeAppreciation and encourage others to do the same.
  • Wardrobe Revamp: Treat yourself to a shopping spree for stylish outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable.
  • Host a Virtual Event: Organize an online workshop or discussion about body positivity, sharing personal experiences and insights.
  • Support Plus-Size Brands: Shop from plus-size clothing brands and designers to show support for businesses that prioritize inclusivity.
  • Artistic Expression: Create artwork, poetry, or music that celebrates body diversity and encourages self-expression.
  • Share Inspirational Stories: Use your social media platform to share stories of plus-size individuals who have made a positive impact.
  • Educational Resources: Spend time educating yourself about body positivity and ways to be an ally to the plus-size community.

Ideas for Businesses:

  • Inclusive Advertising Campaign: Launch a special advertising campaign that features plus-size models and showcases a diverse range of body types.
  • Collaboration with Influencers: Partner with plus-size influencers to promote your brand’s commitment to inclusivity and body positivity.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Offer special discounts or promotions on National Plus Size Appreciation Day to celebrate customers of all sizes.
  • Inclusive Product Line: Create a new product line that caters to plus-size individuals, demonstrating your brand’s dedication to diversity.
  • Educational Webinar: Host a webinar addressing body positivity, featuring guest speakers who are experts in the field.
  • Community Engagement: Organize events, both online and offline, that encourage conversations around body positivity and self-acceptance.
  • Charitable Initiatives: Donate a portion of your proceeds from the day to organizations that promote body positivity and mental health.
  • Inclusive Content: Share content on your website and social media platforms that highlights the importance of body diversity and self-confidence.

National Plus Size Appreciation Day serves as a powerful reminder that every body is worthy of celebration and acceptance. By engaging in these thoughtful and inspiring ideas, both individuals and businesses can contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate society, where diversity is not only acknowledged but celebrated wholeheartedly. Whether through personal acts of self-love or business initiatives that promote inclusivity, this day offers a chance to make a positive impact and foster a sense of belonging for everyone.

Social Media Post Ideas for National Plus Size Appreciation Day

In the digital age, social media provides a powerful platform to amplify messages of inclusivity, empowerment, and body positivity. 

As National Plus Size Appreciation Day approaches, businesses have a unique opportunity to use their online presence to spread messages of acceptance and celebrate body diversity. 

Engaging social media posts can not only foster a sense of belonging within the plus-size community but also contribute to a broader cultural shift towards embracing all body types. 

Here are some creative social media post ideas that businesses can use to make a meaningful impact on this important day.

Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses:

  • Behind-the-Scenes Stories: Share candid behind-the-scenes moments from your brand’s photo shoots or design processes that emphasize inclusivity and diversity.
  • Customer Spotlights: Highlight stories of satisfied customers of all sizes who have found confidence and style through your products.
  • Inclusive Quotes: Create visually appealing graphics featuring quotes that promote self-love, body positivity, and embracing individuality.
  • Historical Insights: Share the history of National Plus Size Appreciation Day and its significance, educating your audience about the importance of the day.
  • Employee Stories: Feature stories of employees within your company who advocate for body positivity and contribute to an inclusive work environment.
  • Interactive Polls: Run polls or quizzes that engage your audience by asking questions related to body positivity and self-acceptance.
  • Inclusive Fashion Tips: Provide styling tips and outfit ideas that cater to different body types, showcasing your brand’s commitment to diversity.
  • Video Testimonials: Share video testimonials from customers expressing how your brand’s products have positively impacted their self-confidence.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Partner with body-positive influencers to create authentic content that highlights your brand’s message of inclusivity.
  • Share Resources: Post links to articles, books, podcasts, and videos that educate and inspire your audience about body positivity.

Through thoughtfully curated social media content, businesses have the power to influence perceptions, challenge societal norms, and promote acceptance on National Plus Size Appreciation Day. These social media post ideas are designed to not only celebrate the diversity of body shapes and sizes but also to foster meaningful conversations around self-love and body positivity. By engaging your audience in these discussions and spreading messages of inclusivity, you contribute to a more compassionate and diverse online community, ultimately making a lasting impact beyond just one day.

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Hashtags to Use During National Plus Size Appreciation Day

Hashtags have transformed the way we communicate on social media, becoming powerful tools to categorize and amplify messages across platforms. 

As we approach National Plus Size Appreciation Day, leveraging the right hashtags can significantly enhance the reach and impact of your content. 

By using relevant and meaningful hashtags, businesses and individuals alike can tap into a broader conversation surrounding body positivity, inclusivity, and self-love. 

These hashtags not only connect you with like-minded individuals but also contribute to a collective movement towards celebrating and appreciating all body types.

Hashtags to Use During National Plus Size Appreciation Day:

  • #PlusSizeAppreciation
  • #BodyPositivity
  • #SelfLove
  • #EmbraceYourCurves
  • #LoveYourBody
  • #CelebrateDiversity
  • #InclusiveFashion
  • #SizeInclusive
  • #EveryBodyIsBeautiful
  • #BeConfident
  • #BeautyBeyondSize
  • #UnapologeticallyMe
  • #OwnYourStyle
  • #BodyConfidence
  • #AllShapesAllSizes
  • #EmpowerAllBodies
  • #InclusiveBeauty
  • #ChallengingBeautyStandards
  • #BodyPosi
  • #BodyImage

In the digital landscape, hashtags serve as bridges that connect conversations and ideas across the vast expanse of social media platforms. As National Plus Size Appreciation Day approaches, strategically using these hashtags can help magnify your voice, extend your message, and create a network of support and encouragement. By incorporating these hashtags into your posts, you not only participate in a global dialogue about body positivity but also contribute to a virtual space where individuals and businesses can unite in celebration of diversity and self-acceptance.

For the complete list of holidays to celebrate on social media in October, visit

Gift Ideas for National Plus Size Appreciation Day

National Plus Size Appreciation Day is a wonderful occasion to express love, support, and celebration for individuals of all sizes. Offering thoughtful gifts that promote body positivity and self-care can be a meaningful way to commemorate this day. 

Whether you’re looking to surprise a loved one or treat yourself, these gift ideas are designed to inspire confidence, comfort, and a sense of belonging, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and acceptance.

Gift Ideas for National Plus Size Appreciation Day:

  • Customized Clothing: Consider gifting a custom-made clothing item that celebrates the recipient’s unique style and body shape, making them feel seen and valued.
  • Self-Care Package: Create a personalized self-care package filled with skincare products, bath essentials, and wellness items to encourage relaxation and self-pampering.
  • Body-Positive Books: Select books that focus on body positivity, self-love, and empowerment, offering inspiration and encouragement for embracing one’s body.
  • Fashion Accessories: Opt for stylish accessories like statement jewelry, scarves, or belts that can elevate outfits and boost confidence.
  • Inclusive Fashion Subscription: Gift a subscription to an inclusive fashion brand that offers a range of sizes, allowing the recipient to regularly update their wardrobe with confidence.

Gift-giving on National Plus Size Appreciation Day goes beyond material offerings; it’s about acknowledging the worth and beauty of all bodies. These gift ideas are intended to uplift and empower, reinforcing the message that every individual is deserving of celebration and acceptance. By selecting gifts that prioritize self-care, fashion inclusivity, and self-expression, you contribute to the ongoing journey towards body positivity and create lasting memories of a day dedicated to embracing diversity.

National Plus Size Appreciation Day serves as a significant reminder of the importance of body positivity and inclusivity, sparking discussions and celebrations around diverse body shapes and sizes. 

In addition to this impactful observance, there are several other holidays and awareness days that focus on related themes, promoting self-love, acceptance, and the celebration of individuality. 

These occasions provide additional opportunities to extend the conversations and efforts started on National Plus Size Appreciation Day.

International No Diet Day: A day dedicated to raising awareness about the harms of diet culture and encouraging body acceptance and self-love.

Love Your Body Day: An annual event that encourages individuals to embrace and celebrate their bodies, regardless of societal standards.

Body Confidence Day: A day to promote self-confidence, challenge body image issues, and encourage positive conversations about self-esteem.

Self-Love Day: This day focuses on fostering self-love, self-care, and embracing one’s worthiness, regardless of appearance.

EveryBODY Deserves Love Day: A Valentine’s Day alternative that emphasizes love for oneself and others, promoting body positivity and inclusivity.

These related holidays, in conjunction with National Plus Size Appreciation Day, collectively contribute to a larger movement of challenging societal beauty standards and celebrating the uniqueness of all individuals. By recognizing and participating in these observances, we contribute to a culture that values self-love, body positivity, and the appreciation of diverse bodies. These occasions serve as opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions, inspire change, and foster an environment of acceptance and inclusivity for everyone.

For more holidays, download our free calendar with over 1,000 fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year. Head to to grab your free copy!

Future Dates for National Plus Size Appreciation Day

2024October 6Sunday
2025October 6Monday
2026October 6Tuesday
2027October 6Wednesday
2028October 6Friday
2029October 6Saturday

List of ideas for National Plus Size Appreciation Day:

  • Success Stories: Highlight the achievements and success stories of plus-size individuals in various fields, such as fashion, entertainment, business, or activism. Showcasing their accomplishments can be inspiring and empowering.
  • Body-Positive Quotes: Incorporate a collection of uplifting and motivational quotes from prominent figures in the body positivity and self-love movement. These quotes can serve as powerful reminders of the importance of embracing all body types.
  • Body-Positive Art Showcase: Feature a selection of artwork, photography, or illustrations that celebrate body diversity. Art has a unique way of conveying messages of self-acceptance and beauty.
  • Tips for Allies: Offer guidance and tips for individuals who want to be allies to the plus-size community. This can include advice on how to support friends or loved ones and how to advocate for body positivity in daily life.
  • Discussion on Size Inclusivity in Fashion: Explore the importance of size inclusivity in the fashion industry. Discuss brands and designers that are leading the way in creating inclusive clothing lines and the impact of such initiatives.


In embracing National Plus Size Appreciation Day, business owners have the incredible opportunity to play a significant role in promoting inclusivity and body positivity. By implementing the creative ideas mentioned in this article, businesses can foster connections, drive positive change, and contribute to a culture that values and celebrates individuals of all sizes. From collaborating with influencers and launching inclusive campaigns to offering special promotions and engaging in important conversations, businesses have the power to make a lasting impact that extends far beyond this day.

As the collective efforts of individuals and businesses continue to reshape perceptions, National Plus Size Appreciation Day becomes a pivotal occasion in the ongoing journey towards acceptance, self-love, and the celebration of diversity.  

Celebrate this special day with us, and don’t forget to download our free holiday calendar for more fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year!

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