National Tap Dance Day is celebrated on May 25th each year, marking a joyous occasion for tap dance enthusiasts to showcase their passion and talent. This day serves as a vibrant celebration of the rhythmic art form, encouraging people to come together and embrace the unique culture of tap dancing. So, mark your calendars and get ready to shuffle, flap, and cramp roll on National Tap Dance Day!

national tap dance day

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When is National Tap Dance Day ?

Tap into your calendars because National Tap Dance Day is celebrated annually on May 25th! It’s a day dedicated to the rhythmic art form of tap dancing, a celebration of the rich history and cultural significance of this unique dance style. Whether you’re a seasoned tap dancer or just someone who appreciates the artistry of movement, National Tap Dance Day is a perfect opportunity to embrace the joy of dance.

Mark May 25th on your calendar as a day to put on your dancing shoes and tap your way into celebration. Take this chance to explore the world of tap dance, maybe try a few steps yourself or attend a local performance to experience the magic live. It’s a day to appreciate the creativity and skill that goes into tap dancing, honoring the dancers who have paved the way for this beloved art form.

History of National Tap Dance Day

National Tap Dance Day, celebrated on May 25th each year, is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and artistic contributions of tap dance to American society. Its origins can be traced back to the efforts of two influential figures in the tap dance community: Bill “Bojangles” Robinson and Charles “Honi” Coles.

Robinson, an iconic tap dancer and actor, was born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1878. He gained fame for his smooth, intricate footwork and charismatic stage presence. Throughout his career, Robinson faced racial discrimination but persevered, becoming one of the most well-known tap dancers of his time.

Coles, born in 1911 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was another prominent figure in tap dance. He was known for his lightning-fast footwork and innovative choreography. Coles, like Robinson, faced challenges due to racial segregation but managed to leave a lasting impact on the world of dance.

The idea for National Tap Dance Day originated from a grassroots movement led by Carol Vaughn, Nicola Daval, and Linda Christensen. These passionate tap enthusiasts campaigned for official recognition of the art form and its cultural significance. Their efforts culminated in the United States Congress declaring May 25th as National Tap Dance Day in 1989, coinciding with Robinson’s birthday.


How to Celebrate National Tap Dance Day

Ready to get your feet tapping for National Tap Dance Day? Discover fun ways individuals can celebrate, explore creative ideas for businesses to join in the rhythm, and let’s make this year’s celebration one to remember! Let’s dance our way into joy and appreciation for this lively art form.

How Individuals Can Celebrate National Tap Dance Day

Celebrate National Tap Dance Day by putting on your favorite pair of tap shoes and having a spontaneous dance session in your living room. Organize a tap dance performance with friends or family members to showcase your skills and spread the joy of tap dancing. Consider attending a local tap dance class or workshop to immerse yourself in the art form and connect with fellow tap enthusiasts.

  • Tap Dance Flash Mob: Organize or participate in a spontaneous tap dance flash mob in a public space to surprise and delight passersby with the infectious rhythms of tap.
  • Virtual Tap Dance Jam: Host a virtual tap dance jam session with friends or fellow enthusiasts, where participants can showcase their skills, share tips, and celebrate the joy of tap dancing together online.
  • Tap Dance Film Night: Curate a selection of classic tap dance films or documentaries to watch with friends or family, offering insights into the history and evolution of tap dance while enjoying captivating performances.
  • Tap Dance Workshop: Attend or host a tap dance workshop led by a professional instructor, providing an opportunity to learn new techniques, refine skills, and connect with fellow dancers in a supportive environment.
  • Tap Dance Tribute Performance: Pay homage to legendary tap dancers by choreographing and performing a tribute routine inspired by their iconic styles and contributions to the art form, sharing the magic of tap with audiences.

How Businesses Can Celebrate National Tap Dance Day

Want to add some rhythm to your business for National Tap Dance Day? Get ready to tap into the festivities with these five innovative ways to celebrate. Engage your employees, attract customers, and infuse your operations with the holiday spirit – all while having a toe-tapping good time!

  • Tap Dance Flash Sale: Offer discounts or promotions on products or services for a limited time, incorporating tap dance-themed elements such as rhythmic countdowns or tapping sound effects to create excitement and drive sales.
  • Tap Dance Employee Showcase: Organize an employee talent show where staff members can perform tap dance routines or showcase other talents, fostering team spirit and creating a fun, memorable experience for both employees and customers.
  • Tap Dance Social Media Challenge: Launch a social media challenge encouraging customers to share videos of themselves tapping along to a designated dance routine or creating their own tap dance-inspired content, with prizes for the most creative entries.
  • Tap Dance Workshop for Customers: Partner with local dance studios or instructors to offer complimentary tap dance workshops or demonstrations for customers, providing a unique experience that promotes community engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Tap Dance-themed Pop-up Event: Host a pop-up event featuring live tap dance performances, interactive workshops, and themed refreshments or merchandise, attracting foot traffic and generating buzz around the holiday while showcasing the company’s commitment to creativity and entertainment.

Social Media Post Ideas for National Tap Dance Day

Looking to create a buzz on social media this National Tap Dance Day? We have everything you need with creative post ideas for both individuals and businesses. Get ready to tap into the fun and share your enthusiasm with your followers!

Social Media Post Ideas for Individuals to Use on National Tap Dance Day

When celebrating National Tap Dance Day, why not jazz up your social media posts with these creative ideas? Engage your followers by sharing fun facts about tap dancing, showcasing your own tap dance skills, or hosting a virtual tap dance challenge. Encourage others to join in the celebration by using hashtags like #TapDanceDay and #ShuffleOffToBuffalo.

  • Share Personal Tap Dance Journey: Post about your own tap dance journey, including photos or videos of your progress, memorable performances, or favorite routines, inspiring others to join in the celebration and share their experiences.
  • Highlight Tap Dance Icons: Pay tribute to legendary tap dancers by sharing photos, videos, or quotes that celebrate their contributions to the art form, educating followers about the rich history and cultural significance of tap dance.
  • Create Tap Dance Tutorials: Share instructional videos or step-by-step guides on basic tap dance techniques, combinations, or choreography, empowering followers to learn and participate in National Tap Dance Day from the comfort of their homes.
  • Host a Tap Dance Challenge: Launch a social media challenge inviting followers to record and share their own tap dance performances or improvisations, with a designated hashtag to track entries and encourage participation.
  • Engage with Tap Dance Community: Connect with fellow tap dancers, enthusiasts, and organizations by tagging them in your posts, participating in discussions, and reposting content related to National Tap Dance Day, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support within the tap dance community.

Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses to Use on National Tap Dance Day

When planning your social media strategy for National Tap Dance Day, consider these five creative ideas to engage your audience.

  • Showcase Tap Dance-inspired Products: Share photos or videos of products related to tap dance, such as dancewear, shoes, accessories, or themed merchandise, highlighting special promotions or exclusive offers for National Tap Dance Day.
  • Feature Employee Dance Highlights: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of employees showcasing their tap dance skills, along with personal stories or testimonials about their passion for dance, humanizing the brand and fostering connections with customers.
  • Host Live Tap Dance Performances: Stream live tap dance performances or demonstrations featuring talented dancers, either in-store or via social media platforms, to entertain and engage followers while promoting the holiday and attracting potential customers.
  • Offer Exclusive Social Media Contests: Launch social media contests or giveaways with tap dance-themed prizes, encouraging followers to participate by sharing their own tap dance stories, photos, or videos using a designated hashtag to increase brand visibility and engagement.
  • Partner with Influencers or Dance Studios: Collaborate with influencers, local dance studios, or tap dance instructors to co-create and share content related to National Tap Dance Day, leveraging their expertise and audience reach to amplify the brand’s message and connect with new customers.

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Hashtags to Use During National Tap Dance Day

When celebrating National Tap Dance Day, you’ll want to make a splash on social media with the right hashtags. Engage your audience with catchy and relevant tags that capture the essence of this rhythmic celebration. Get ready to tap into the online buzz with these top hashtags!

  • #TapIntoJoy
  • #RhythmicFeet
  • #TapDanceMagic
  • #ToeTappingFun
  • #ShuffleStepSmile
  • #HappyFeetDay
  • #DancingToTheBeat
  • #TapTastic
  • #GrooveWithGrace
  • #CelebrateTapDance

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Gift Ideas for National Tap Dance Day

Looking for the perfect gift ideas to celebrate National Tap Dance Day? Get ready to be amazed by these fantastic finds that will surely make any tap dance enthusiast’s day. From portable tap dance boards to stylish tap shoes, we have you sorted with these top picks!

  • Tap Dance Shoes: Give the gift of quality tap dance shoes, ensuring dancers can perform with comfort and confidence during their routines.
  • Tap Dance Practice Mat: Provide a portable tap dance practice mat, allowing enthusiasts to hone their skills anywhere with a flat surface, whether at home or on the go.
  • Tap Dance Music Compilation: Curate a collection of tap dance music albums or playlists featuring a diverse range of rhythms and tempos to inspire dancers during practice sessions or performances.
  • Tap Dance DVD Instructional Series: Gift a DVD instructional series featuring renowned tap dance instructors, offering step-by-step lessons and routines for dancers of all skill levels to learn and master at their own pace.
  • Tap Dance Apparel Set: Bundle together tap dance apparel essentials such as leotards, tights, and leggings, providing dancers with stylish and functional attire for rehearsals and performances.

Get ready to explore some other holidays that tie into National Tap Dance Day. These related holidays will keep the celebration going all year round. Let’s delve into these exciting connections and keep the rhythm alive!

  • International Dance Day: Celebrated on April 29th, International Dance Day promotes the art of dance worldwide, highlighting its universal language and cultural significance.
  • World Music Day (Fête de la Musique): Observed on June 21st, World Music Day encourages people to enjoy and appreciate all genres of music, including those often accompanied by dance, fostering unity and creativity through music and movement.
  • National Dance Day: Celebrated on the last Saturday of September, National Dance Day encourages people of all ages and abilities to participate in dance-related activities and performances, promoting physical fitness and artistic expression.
  • International Jazz Day: Held on April 30th, International Jazz Day celebrates the rich history and cultural impact of jazz music, which has influenced various dance styles including tap, swing, and jazz dance.
  • World Theatre Day: Recognized on March 27th, World Theatre Day honors the art of theatre and its ability to transcend cultural boundaries, often featuring performances that incorporate dance as a storytelling element.

For more holidays, download our free calendar with over 1,000 fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year. Head to to grab your free copy.

Future Dates for National Tap Dance Day

When planning ahead for National Tap Dance Day, you can check out the future dates in the table below. This handy reference will help you mark your calendar and get ready to tap into the celebrations year after year. Take a look at the dates and start planning your next toe-tapping event!

2024May 25thFriday
2025May 25thSunday
2026May 25thMonday
2027May 25thTuesday
2028May 25thThursday
2029May 25thFriday

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about National Tap Dance Day? Let’s get some common questions answered. Below are a few FAQs that might help clear things up for you:

What is the significance of National Tap Dance Day?

National Tap Dance Day, celebrated on May 25th each year, honors the artistry, history, and cultural contributions of tap dance to American society, providing a platform for enthusiasts to celebrate, educate, and promote the art form.

How can I participate in National Tap Dance Day?

You can participate in National Tap Dance Day by attending tap dance performances, joining workshops or classes, organizing events, sharing your love for tap dance on social media, or simply tapping along to your favorite tunes at home.

Is National Tap Dance Day only celebrated in the United States?

While National Tap Dance Day originated in the United States, it has gained international recognition and is celebrated by tap dance enthusiasts and communities worldwide, highlighting the global appeal and influence of the art form.


In conclusion, National Tap Dance Day stands as a vibrant celebration of rhythm, culture, and community, paying homage to the pioneers and practitioners who have shaped this beloved art form. From its origins rooted in American history to its global resonance today, tap dance continues to captivate audiences and inspire individuals of all ages. As we commemorate this special day each year, let us not only revel in the joy of dance but also recognize its power to unite, educate, and uplift. Whether through participating in events, sharing our stories, or simply tapping our feet to the beat, let us all join in honoring the legacy of tap dance and embracing its enduring legacy for generations to come.

Celebrate this special day with us, and don’t forget to download our free holiday calendar for more fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year.

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