National Tartan Day falls on April 6th each year, celebrating Scottish heritage and culture. As a small business owner, embracing this day could be a unique way to engage with your customers and showcase your products or services in a fun, themed manner. By incorporating tartan patterns or Scottish-inspired elements into your promotions, you can attract attention and create a memorable experience for your audience.

national tartan day

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When is National Tartan Day?

Get ready to show off your plaid pride because National Tartan Day falls on April 6th! This day is all about celebrating Scottish heritage, so get your kilts, scarves, or any other tartan-themed items ready to showcase your love for Scotland. Whether you have Scottish roots or just appreciate the beauty of tartan patterns, National Tartan Day is the perfect time to embrace the spirit of Scotland.

Mark your calendars for April 6th and start planning how you want to celebrate National Tartan Day in your business. You could host a tartan-themed event, offer special discounts on tartan products, or even organize a fun tartan fashion show. The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity shine and make this day a memorable one for your customers.

Don’t forget to share the news about National Tartan Day with your customers and followers on social media. Use this day as an opportunity to engage with your audience, share interesting facts about tartan, and spread some Scottish cheer. Encourage your customers to join in the celebration by wearing tartan or sharing their own Scottish heritage stories.

History of National Tartan Day

National Tartan Day is a celebration of Scottish heritage observed on April 6th each year. Its origins can be traced back to the late 20th century in North America, particularly in Canada and the United States, where Scottish immigrants sought to honor their ancestry and contributions to their adopted countries.

The date, April 6th, was chosen to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, a pivotal moment in Scottish history asserting the nation’s independence. This document, sent to Pope John XXII, declared Scotland’s sovereignty and affirmed the right to defend its independence against English aggression.

In the United States, the idea of a Tartan Day celebration gained traction in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The first official recognition of Tartan Day in the U.S. occurred in 1982 in New York City, organized by the Scottish Coalition, a group of Scottish-American organizations. Over time, other states followed suit, designating April 6th as Tartan Day to honor Scottish-American contributions to the nation.

Similarly, in Canada, efforts to recognize Scottish heritage culminated in the Canadian government officially declaring April 6th as National Tartan Day in 1993. This decision was influenced by the Scottish Heritage Foundation of Canada, which sought to promote awareness of Scottish culture and history among Canadians.


How to Celebrate National Tartan Day

Ready to add some Scottish flair to your day? Discover how you can celebrate National Tartan Day as an individual or even incorporate it into your business! Let’s explore fun ways to embrace the spirit of tartan and join in the festivities.

How Individuals Can Celebrate National Tartan Day

Looking to add some Scottish flair to your day? Check out these five fun ways to celebrate National Tartan Day: Rock Your TartanHost a Tartan-Themed PartyLearn About Your Clan’s TartanSupport Scottish Businesses, and Wear Tartan with Pride. Get ready to embrace the plaid and immerse yourself in Scottish culture this National Tartan Day!

  • Host a Tartan-themed Potluck: Invite friends and family to a potluck dinner where each guest brings a dish inspired by Scottish cuisine. Encourage attendees to wear tartan attire and decorate the space with tartan patterns for a festive atmosphere.
  • Virtual Clan Gathering: Organize a virtual gathering with members of your Scottish clan or family. Share stories, traditions, and recipes passed down through generations. Consider incorporating music, poetry readings, or even a virtual ceilidh (traditional Scottish social gathering with music and dance).
  • Tartan Crafting Workshop: Host a crafting session where participants can create their own tartan-inspired crafts. This could include making tartan-themed jewelry, painting tartan patterns on canvas, or even designing custom tartan bookmarks or greeting cards.
  • Outdoor Tartan Picnic: Take advantage of the spring weather by organizing a tartan-themed picnic in a local park or scenic outdoor area. Pack traditional Scottish picnic foods like Scotch eggs, bridies, and shortbread, and don’t forget to bring along a tartan blanket for lounging.
  • Tartan Fashion Show: Hold a tartan fashion show where participants showcase their favorite tartan outfits or accessories. This could include kilts, tartan scarves, ties, or even modern fashion items featuring tartan patterns. Encourage creativity and have fun strutting your stuff in true Scottish style.

How Businesses Can Celebrate National Tartan Day

Ready to infuse some tartan flair into your business for National Tartan Day? Get ready to discover five innovative ways to celebrate this special day with your team and customers. Engage, attract, and showcase your holiday spirit with actionable strategies that will make your business stand out!

  • Tartan-Inspired Product Launch: Introduce a limited-edition product line featuring tartan-themed designs or packaging. This could include clothing, accessories, or even food and beverage items infused with Scottish flavors. Promote the launch through social media campaigns highlighting the connection to National Tartan Day.
  • Tartan Office Decor Contest: Encourage employees to decorate their workspaces or common areas with tartan-themed décor. Hold a contest with prizes for the most creative or best-executed designs. This fosters team spirit and adds a festive touch to the workplace.
  • Tartan Charity Event: Partner with a local charity or community organization to host a fundraising event tied to National Tartan Day. Consider organizing a charity auction featuring tartan-themed items, or sponsor a Tartan Day-themed charity walk or run. This demonstrates corporate social responsibility while celebrating Scottish heritage.
  • Tartan Culinary Experience: Collaborate with local restaurants or caterers to offer special Tartan Day menus featuring Scottish cuisine. Host a tasting event or partner with a culinary influencer to create buzz around the unique dining experience. Consider incorporating live music or entertainment to enhance the atmosphere.
  • Tartan Trivia Night: Organize a Tartan Day-themed trivia night for customers or employees. Create quiz questions related to Scottish history, culture, and traditions, and offer prizes for participants. This interactive event engages the community while promoting a fun and educational celebration of National Tartan Day.

Social Media Post Ideas for National Tartan Day

Want to make a splash on National Tartan Day? Get ready to jazz up your social media with some creative posts! Whether you’re an individual looking to show off your plaid style or a business wanting to engage with customers, we’ve got the ideas for you. Let’s get those kilts twirling and those hashtags popping!

Social Media Post Ideas for Individuals to Use on National Tartan Day

Ready to get your social media buzzing on National Tartan Day? Let’s explore five fantastic ways you can jazz up your feed and celebrate this plaid-tastic occasion in style. Get ready to stand out with bold and engaging posts that showcase your love for all things tartan!

  • Share Personal Tartan Stories: Write a heartfelt post sharing your family’s tartan heritage, including stories passed down through generations or memorable experiences connected to Scottish culture.
  • Post Tartan Fashion Inspiration: Showcase your tartan attire or accessories in a stylish photo or video, providing fashion inspiration for National Tartan Day. Tag brands or designers to expand your reach and engage with the tartan-loving community.
  • Highlight Tartan Recipes: Share recipes for traditional Scottish dishes or modern twists on Scottish cuisine, incorporating tartan-themed elements into the presentation. Include mouthwatering photos or cooking videos to entice your followers to celebrate National Tartan Day with a culinary adventure.
  • Create Educational Content: Educate your audience about the history and significance of tartan, National Tartan Day, or notable Scottish figures. Use engaging visuals, infographics, or short videos to make the information accessible and shareable.
  • Join Tartan Day Hashtag Challenges: Participate in tartan-themed hashtag challenges or social media campaigns related to National Tartan Day. Whether it’s sharing a #TartanDaySelfie, participating in a tartan dance challenge, or showcasing your favorite tartan-inspired crafts, join the online celebration and connect with fellow tartan enthusiasts.

Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses to Use on National Tartan Day

Looking to up your social media game for National Tartan Day? Check out these 5 creative ways your business can make a splash online. From showcasing your tartan-inspired products to running a tartan-themed contest, there are plenty of fun ideas to engage your audience and show off your Scottish pride!

  • Tartan Product Showcase: Highlight your tartan-themed products or services in captivating social media posts. Showcase their features, benefits, and unique ties to Scottish heritage, enticing followers to celebrate National Tartan Day by making a purchase or booking.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tartan Story: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of how your business incorporates tartan into its operations. Whether it’s showcasing tartan-inspired designs in the making, introducing the artisans behind the products, or revealing the creative process, provide engaging content that gives followers a deeper appreciation for your brand’s connection to National Tartan Day.
  • Tartan Trivia and Fun Facts: Educate and entertain your audience by sharing tartan trivia and fun facts related to National Tartan Day. Create interactive posts with polls, quizzes, or fill-in-the-blank challenges, encouraging followers to participate and learn more about Scottish culture and heritage.
  • Tartan-Inspired Contests or Giveaways: Run social media contests or giveaways with tartan-themed prizes to celebrate National Tartan Day. Encourage followers to share their own tartan stories, photos, or creations, and reward participants with prizes such as tartan merchandise, discounts, or special offers, fostering engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Tartan Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community and connection among your followers by encouraging them to share their National Tartan Day celebrations. Create branded hashtags for the occasion and invite followers to use them when posting their own tartan-themed content. Feature user-generated content on your business’s social media channels to showcase the diverse ways people are celebrating and engaging with your brand on National Tartan Day.

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Hashtags to Use During National Tartan Day

When celebrating National Tartan Day, you can elevate your social media presence by using engaging hashtags. These hashtags can help you connect with a wider audience and showcase your enthusiasm for the holiday. Get ready to boost your online visibility with these top hashtag suggestions!

  • #TartanDay
  • #PlaidPride
  • #ScottishHeritage
  • #TartanTuesday
  • #CelebrateScotland
  • #HighlandFashion
  • #ClanPride
  • #TartanTradition
  • #ScotchStyle
  • #PlaidPerfection

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Gift Ideas for National Tartan Day

Looking for the perfect gifts to celebrate National Tartan Day? Check out these 5 awesome gift ideas available on Amazon that will surely make your loved ones smile. From cozy tartan scarves to stylish plaid accessories, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on this special day. Get ready to spread the tartan love with these fantastic gift suggestions!

  • Tartan Scarf: Wrap up in style with a tartan scarf, perfect for adding a touch of Scottish flair to any outfit and keeping cozy on National Tartan Day and beyond.
  • Tartan Throw Blanket: Curl up with a tartan throw blanket for a cozy night in, featuring classic Scottish patterns and soft, warm fabric for ultimate comfort.
  • Tartan Notebook Set: Inspire creativity and jot down tartan-inspired ideas in a set of tartan-themed notebooks, ideal for writing, doodling, or keeping notes in style.
  • Tartan Whiskey Glasses: Raise a toast to National Tartan Day with a set of tartan whiskey glasses, featuring elegant designs and sturdy construction for enjoying your favorite spirits with a Scottish twist.
  • Tartan Tea Towel Set: Add a pop of tartan to your kitchen with a set of tartan tea towels, perfect for drying dishes or adding a decorative touch to your culinary space while celebrating National Tartan Day.

As a small business owner, you might be interested in exploring other holidays related to National Tartan Day. These holidays could provide you with additional opportunities to engage with your customers and inject some fun into your business promotions. Keep reading to discover five related holidays that could inspire your next marketing campaign.

  • St. Andrew’s Day: Celebrated on November 30th, St. Andrew’s Day is Scotland’s national day, honoring the patron saint of Scotland and celebrating Scottish culture, heritage, and traditions.
  • Burns Night: Observed on January 25th, Burns Night commemorates the life and works of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, with traditional Scottish food, music, poetry readings, and the iconic Burns Supper.
  • Highland Games: Held throughout the summer months in Scotland and various other locations worldwide, Highland Games feature traditional Scottish sports, music, dance, and cultural activities, showcasing Scottish heritage and athleticism.
  • Tartan Day (Canada): Recognized on July 1st, Tartan Day in Canada celebrates Scottish heritage and contributions to Canadian society, commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath and promoting awareness of Scottish culture.
  • Tartan Week (New York): Spanning from late March to early April, Tartan Week in New York City is a series of events and celebrations honoring Scottish heritage and culture, including parades, concerts, exhibitions, and cultural performances.

For more holidays, download our free calendar with over 1,000 fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year. Head to to grab your free copy.

Future Dates for National Tartan Day

Let’s talk about the future dates for National Tartan Day. Take a look at the table with the upcoming years, months, and days for this celebration. It’s a handy guide for planning ahead and making sure you never miss a National Tartan Day in the years to come!

2024April 6thThursday
2025April 6thMonday
2026April 6thTuesday
2027April 6thWednesday
2028April 6thFriday
2029April 6thSaturday

Frequently Asked Questions

What is National Tartan Day?

National Tartan Day is a celebration of Scottish heritage observed on April 6th each year, commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320.

How did National Tartan Day originate?

National Tartan Day originated in North America, particularly in Canada and the United States, where Scottish immigrants sought to honor their ancestry and contributions to their adopted countries.

How can I participate in National Tartan Day celebrations?

  • Wear tartan attire to show your Scottish pride.
  • Attend Tartan Day events in your local community.
  • Share tartan-themed posts on social media to join the online celebration.


In conclusion, National Tartan Day stands as a vibrant tribute to Scottish heritage, uniting communities across borders to celebrate a rich tapestry of culture, tradition, and resilience. From its humble beginnings to widespread recognition, this annual observance serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring legacy of Scottish immigrants and their contributions to society. As we commemorate this day, let us don our tartan attire, join in festivities, and honor the indelible mark left by Scottish heritage. Whether through attending events, exploring tartan history, or sharing stories online, let us embrace National Tartan Day as an opportunity to deepen our connection to Scottish culture and heritage, fostering unity and pride in our shared ancestry.

Celebrate this special day with us, and dont forget to download our free holiday calendar for more fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year.

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