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International Bacon Day is celebrated on the first Saturday in September each year. Entrepreneurs and advertisers all over the world use this holiday to showcase their goods and services. In this article, we will provide effective promotional activities that you can use to fully benefit from International Bacon Day and expand your global consumer reach.

international bacon day

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When is International Bacon Day?

International Bacon Day is a festive occasion celebrated annually on the first Saturday of September. In 2023, the occasion falls on September 2nd. This fun-filled day allows bacon lovers worldwide to express their appreciation for the meat. This provides opportunities for businesses to tap into targeted promotions and offers.

History of International Bacon Day

International Bacon Day originated in the United States. It was first celebrated in 2000 by a group of students from Bedford, Massachusetts. They decided to dedicate the Saturday before Labor Day to the celebration of bacon in all its forms. The day quickly gained popularity, and it wasn’t long before the media picked up on this trend. 

Today, International Bacon Day is celebrated not only in the US but also in other countries around the world. It has evolved into a day where bacon enthusiasts cook up different dishes, using bacon in tasty meals throughout the day. From breakfast to dinner and even dessert.


How to Celebrate International Bacon Day

International Bacon Day presents a delightful occasion for individuals and businesses alike to embrace the sizzling, mouth-watering goodness of bacon. Celebrating this savory day can take many forms, such as organizing bacon-themed parties complete with an array of bacon-infused dishes and innovative bacon-inspired cocktails. Bacon lovers can indulge in creating unique recipes, experimenting with bacon in unconventional ways, and sharing their culinary masterpieces on social media platforms. Businesses can also take advantage of this celebration by offering bacon-themed promotions, hosting bacon tastings, or even collaborating with local chefs to create limited-edition bacon-inspired menus. Whether it’s savoring the crispy delight at home or engaging in bacon-themed festivities, International Bacon Day is an opportunity to express affection for this beloved culinary delight. So, let the irresistible aroma of bacon fill the air, and join the celebration of all things crispy, smoky, and undeniably baconlicious!

Ideas for Individuals to Celebrate International Bacon Day

  • Bacon Breakfast Bonanza: You can kickstart your day with a bacon-themed breakfast with bacon, Eggs, and bacon pancakes.
  • Bacon Recipe Experimentation: Cook and experiment with new bacon-inclusive recipes. 
  • Bacon Tasting Party: Gather a group of fellow bacon enthusiasts and host a tasting party. 
  • Bacon Potluck: Organise a bacon-themed potluck where each attendee brings a unique bacon dish. 
  • Visit a Local Meat Shop or Butcher: Bacon Movie Night: You can have a movie night at home with bacon-inspired snacks such as bacon popcorn or bacon pizza.
  • Bacon Art: Get creative and make some bacon-inspired artwork or crafts.
  • Bacon Charity: Donate to charities that provide food and to those in need.

Remember, International Bacon Day is about celebrating bacon in all its forms and having a ton of fun while doing so!

Ideas for Businesses to Celebrate International Bacon Day

  • Bacon-Special Menu: Restaurants may offer a special menu featuring dishes that highlight bacon in unique ways.
  • Bacon Product Discounts: Retailers and grocery stores can offer discounts on bacon products or introduce special bacon-flavored items into their inventory for the day.
  • Bacon Cooking Class: Organize a virtual or in-person cooking class where participants learn how to prepare various bacon-themed dishes.
  • Bacon Tasting Event: Host a bacon-tasting event where customers can sample different types of bacon from various regions or brands.
  • Bacon Recipe Contest: Host a bacon recipe contest on social media, encouraging customers to share their favorite bacon recipes.
  • Bacon Collaboration: Collaborate with local meat or bacon providers for a joint promotion or event.
  • Bacon Donation: Show your corporate social responsibility by donating a portion of your profits from bacon sales to a food bank or charity.
  • Bacon Merch: Create and sell bacon-themed merchandise like aprons, t-shirts, or mugs. 
  • Bacon Trivia: Engage your social media followers with fun bacon trivia and facts.
  • Bacon-Themed Marketing: Launch a bacon-themed marketing campaign including special advertisements and promotional materials 

The aim here is to celebrate the deliciousness of bacon and engage your customers in a fun way.

Social Media Post Ideas for International Bacon Day

No matter how you choose to observe this day, make sure to keep the spirit of fun, creativity, and bacon alive.. Creating engaging social media posts is a great way to celebrate this delicious holiday. Following is a collection of creative Social Media Post Ideas that you can use this International Bacon Day.

  • Product Highlight Post: Showcase your best-selling or unique bacon-related products with a high-quality image and a short description, urging followers to try them on International Bacon Day.
  • Behind-The-Scenes Post: Share photos or videos from behind-the-scenes showing how you prepare bacon or bacon-infused dishes. This can provide a transparent look into your business and engage followers.
  • Customer Photo Contest Post: Encourage customers to share their own bacon creations or dishes using a specific hashtag for a chance to win a prize. This can generate user content and engage your followers.
  • Bacon Recipe Post: Share a unique or popular bacon recipe that customers can try at home. This could be a recipe that you use in your business or a new one that customers might enjoy.
  • Bacon Fun Fact Post: Share fun and lesser-known facts about bacon. This can be an engaging and educational post that also celebrates the day.
  • Throwback Post: Share photos or stories from previous International Bacon Day celebrations to build excitement for the upcoming day.
  • Bacon Menu Post: If you’re a restaurant or a café, share your special bacon-themed menu for the day. Highlight any special dishes or drinks that you have prepared.
  • Bacon Discount or Deal Post: Announce any special discounts or deals you are offering on bacon products for International Bacon Day.
  • Employee Highlight Post: Share photos or short interviews of your staff sharing their favorite bacon dishes or recipes.
  • Community Involvement Post: Share how your business is giving back to the community on International Bacon Day, whether it’s through donations, charity work, or local partnerships

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Hashtags to Use During International Bacon Day

Hashtags are a powerful tool for optimizing your content’s visibility and reach. They help categorize your posts and make them easily discoverable to those interested in similar topics. On significant occasions like International Bacon Day, the strategic use of hashtags can help amplify your message. 

Mentioned below is a list of relevant hashtags that you can use;

  • #InternationalBaconDay
  • #BaconLovers
  • #BaconDay
  • #BaconFest
  • #BaconLife
  • #BaconLove
  • #InstaBacon
  • #BaconRecipes
  • #BaconIsLife
  • #BaconDayCelebrations
  • #BaconIsKing
  • #BaconBites
  • #BaconLover
  • #BaconForLife
  • #AllAboutBacon
  • #BaconTreats

For the complete list of holidays to celebrate on social media in September, visit

Gift Ideas for International Bacon Day

International Bacon Day would be incomplete without gifting your loved ones bacon-themed gifts. If you’re looking for fantastic ways to express your affection and love for bacon, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are our carefully curated list of gift ideas that will bring joy to any bacon enthusiast’s day.

  1. Bacon Cooking Masterclass: Gift your loved ones a masterclass in bacon cooking. This could be an online course or a local cooking class where they can learn to create various kinds of bacon.
  2. Bacon Sampler Gift Basket: Prepare a curated gift basket filled with a variety of bacon snacks.
  3. Bacon-Themed Apparel: Bacon-themed clothing is a fun gift that pays tribute to the favorite treat.
  4. Bacon Cookbook: A  bacon cookbook offers delicious recipes that will help in cooking new dishes.
  5. Novelty Bacon Merchandise: Novelty items like bacon-scented candles or bacon-themed puzzles are a great way to bring a smile to their face.

International Bacon Day is about spreading love and sharing happiness. These gift ideas aim to bring joy and pleasure.

International Bacon Day isn’t the only day dedicated to celebrating bacon. There are other holidays, both official and unofficial, that are celebrated all over the world. 

Following are some of the most widely known bacon-related holidays celebrated around the world;

National Bacon Day is an annual celebration dedicated to the unrivaled delight of bacon, bringing together enthusiasts from all corners to indulge in the sublime pleasure of this sizzling treat. This festive occasion provides a platform to pay homage to the crispy, savory goodness that bacon imparts, tantalizing taste buds with its mouthwatering aroma and delicious flavor. From crispy bacon strips to bacon-infused delights, it’s a day for bacon lovers to revel in the delectable wonders that this beloved culinary masterpiece has to offer. So, whether you prefer it crispy or soft, on a sandwich or next to your eggs, let’s gather on this special day to commemorate and relish the addictive allure of bacon!

International Bacon Lovers Day is a globally celebrated event where enthusiasts from all corners of the world unite to indulge in their unwavering adoration for the crispy, savory delight that is bacon. This joyous occasion is a testament to the universal appreciation and love for this delectable treat, with celebrations ranging from savoring mouthwatering bacon-infused dishes to sharing recipes and stories with fellow bacon aficionados. Whether it’s enjoying a classic bacon and eggs breakfast or experimenting with unique bacon-inspired creations, International Bacon Lovers Day is a time to revel in the unmatched taste and versatility of this beloved culinary treasure.

Welcome to Pig Out Bacon Day! Observed annually, this mouthwatering holiday invites everyone to revel in the irresistible allure of bacon-infused dishes. Embrace the sizzling goodness of this beloved ingredient as you explore a myriad of delectable culinary creations that will leave your taste buds in awe. From crispy bacon-wrapped delights to savory bacon-studded delicacies, there’s no better occasion to indulge in the irresistible charm of bacon. So gather your fellow bacon enthusiasts and prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure that will delight your senses and celebrate the undeniable magic of this beloved food. Get ready to pig out!

Bacon Connoisseurs Week: Typically observed in March, this week-long celebration is dedicated to bacon connoisseurs who appreciate the finer qualities of this beloved food.

Canadian Bacon Day is a delightful celebration that takes place on the Saturday preceding Labor Day in Canada. This special day is dedicated to all things bacon, where bacon enthusiasts come together to indulge in a wide array of bacon-themed festivities. From mouthwatering bacon tastings to sizzling bacon cook-offs, Canadian Bacon Day offers a unique opportunity to truly appreciate and revel in the deliciousness of this beloved delicacy. Whether it’s crispy bacon strips or savory bacon-infused treats, this day is a bacon lover’s dream come true. So mark your calendars and get ready to join the bacon festivities on Canadian Bacon Day!

Bacon and Egg Day is an annual celebration that honors the timeless and mouthwatering combination of crispy bacon and perfectly cooked eggs. This delightful duo takes center stage on this special day, captivating taste buds with its irresistible flavors and satisfying textures. Whether enjoyed as a hearty breakfast, brunch delight, or even incorporated into creative recipes, bacon and eggs always manage to bring joy and comfort to countless food enthusiasts around the world. Join the festivities and indulge in the deliciousness that is bacon and eggs, celebrating the culinary masterpiece that has stood the test of time.

Celebrate the mouthwatering synergy of smoky bacon and smooth bourbon on the delicious occasion of Bacon Bourbon Day. Indulge your taste buds in this surprising and delightful combination that perfectly balances savory and rich flavors. Whether enjoyed separately or together, bacon and bourbon bring a unique and irresistible charm to any culinary experience. Join in the festivities and savor the delectable delights that this extraordinary pairing has to offer!

Kevin Bacon Day: This day was created in honor of the actor Kevin Bacon. While not directly related to the food, why not celebrate both in a fun way?

For more holidays, download our free calendar with over 1,000 fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year. Head to to grab your free copy!

Future Dates for International Bacon Day

Below are the Future Dates for International Bacon Day:

2023September 2Saturday
2024September 7Saturday
2025September 6Saturday
2026September 5Saturday
2027September 4Saturday
2028September 2Saturday
2029September 1Saturday

List of extra ideas for National International Bacon Day

  • Bacon Recipes: Share a selection of delicious bacon-infused recipes that readers can try out at home to celebrate International Bacon Day. These can range from breakfast dishes to dessert delights.
  • Bacon History: Include a brief history of bacon, how it has evolved, and its impact on global food culture. Adding fun and interesting bacon trivia could also make for engaging content.
  • Bacon Businesses: Highlight businesses, restaurants, or cafes that are notable for their creative use of bacon in their menu. This could also include interviews with chefs or owners about their love for bacon.
  • Bacon DIY Projects: Offer ideas for bacon-themed DIY projects or crafts, such as bacon-scented candles or even bacon-inspired artwork.
  • Bacon Health Benefits: Despite its reputation, bacon can be part of a balanced diet. Include a section discussing the nutritional benefits of bacon when consumed in moderation.
  • Bacon in Pop Culture: Discuss the role of bacon in popular culture, including famous bacon quotes, movies where bacon plays a pivotal role, or celebrities known for their love of bacon.
  • Reader Bacon Stories: Encourage readers to share their own bacon stories. This can be about their favorite way to cook bacon, a memorable meal with bacon, or a tradition involving bacon.
  • Bacon Photography Contest: Organize an online bacon photography contest where readers can submit their most appetizing bacon photos.


In conclusion, International Bacon Day and the numerous other bacon-themed holidays present a golden opportunity for business owners to connect with their customers on a different, more personal level. Throwing a bacon-themed event, serving special bacon-infused dishes, or even creating bacon-related merchandise can all be excellent ways to celebrate these special days. 

Celebrate this special day with us, and don’t forget to download our free holiday calendar for more fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year!

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