NATIONAL VIDEO GAMES DAY – September 12, 2023

National Video Games Day is celebrated on September 12th. Business owners and marketers looking to celebrate National Video Games Day can leverage this special holiday as an opportunity to promote their products and services.

In this article, you’ll explore creative ideas for commemorating the day, such as collaborating with gaming outlets or running exclusive promotions and offers. 

Additionally, you’ll discover effective social media strategies and hashtags to maximize your marketing endeavors and engage with a broader gaming enthusiast audience, ensuring businesses can seize the potential of National Video Games Day and extend their reach worldwide.

national video games day

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When is National Video Games Day?

National Video Games Day is celebrated on September 12th each year. It is a day dedicated to embracing the world of video games, acknowledging their impact on entertainment, culture, and technology. 

On this special occasion, gamers from around the globe come together to share their passion, reminisce about favorite games, and explore new gaming experiences. Whether it’s playing classic titles, participating in gaming events, or discovering the latest releases, National Video Games Day offers a perfect opportunity to celebrate the thriving gaming community and its ever-evolving landscape.

History of National Video Games Day

The popularity of video games continued to soar into the 21st century, with advancements in technology leading to more immersive and sophisticated games. Online gaming and mobile gaming also emerged as major trends, enabling players to connect and play with others worldwide.

As video games gained widespread recognition as a significant cultural and entertainment medium, various events and celebrations related to gaming started to emerge. These include gaming conventions, esports tournaments, and gaming-themed days, which might have eventually led to the designation of “National Video Games Day” in some regions or communities.

It’s important to note that the establishment of unofficial holidays like “National Video Games Day” is often community-driven and may not be officially recognized on a national level. Such days are often promoted and celebrated through social media, gaming communities, and marketing efforts by businesses associated with the gaming industry.


How to Celebrate National Video Games Day

National Video Games Day, celebrated on September 12th, is a perfect occasion for both individuals and businesses to indulge in the world of gaming and celebrate the impact of video games on our lives. 

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a devoted enthusiast, this special day offers numerous opportunities to explore, connect, and have fun in the virtual realm. In this section, we present a variety of exciting ideas to make the most out of National Video Games Day, catering to both personal celebrations and creative marketing endeavors for businesses.

Ideas for Individuals to Celebrate National Video Games Day:

  • Gaming Marathon: Host a gaming marathon with friends or family, playing your favorite games from different eras and genres.
  • Discover New Titles: Take the chance to explore new video games you’ve never played before, immersing yourself in fresh gaming experiences.
  • Retro Gaming: Dust off old gaming consoles or use emulators to revisit classic games that hold sentimental value.
  • Online Multiplayer: Join online gaming communities and participate in multiplayer sessions with players from around the world.
  • Stream Your Gameplay: Stream your gaming sessions on platforms like Twitch or YouTube to share your excitement with others.
  • Game-Themed Snacks: Prepare snacks and treats inspired by video game characters or settings for a fun and immersive culinary experience.
  • Gaming Trivia Night: Organize a gaming-themed trivia night with friends, testing each other’s knowledge of gaming lore and history.
  • Cosplay Fun: Dress up as your favorite video game characters for a cosplay photoshoot or virtual cosplay event.
  • Virtual Reality Adventure: If you have access to VR technology, embark on thrilling virtual reality adventures in your favorite games.

Ideas for Businesses to Celebrate National Video Games Day:

  • Special Promotions: Offer exclusive discounts, bundles, or limited-time offers on video games, consoles, and gaming accessories.
  • Gaming Tournaments: Host in-store or online gaming tournaments to engage customers and foster a sense of community.
  • Collaborate with Developers: Partner with game developers to organize demos or events showcasing their latest releases.
  • Gaming Influencers: Collaborate with gaming influencers to promote your brand and products to a wider audience.
  • Social Media Contests: Run gaming-related contests on social media platforms, encouraging followers to participate and win prizes.
  • Themed Decorations: Deck out your store or website with video game-themed decorations and visuals to create a vibrant gaming atmosphere.
  • Gaming Rewards Program: Implement a loyalty program specifically catering to gamers, offering rewards for repeat purchases.
  • Charity Gaming Event: Organize a charity gaming event where a percentage of proceeds go to a gaming-related charitable cause.
  • In-Store Gaming Zone: Set up a dedicated gaming zone in your physical store, allowing customers to play games and try out new releases.

National Video Games Day provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and businesses alike to embrace their love for gaming and connect with others who share the same passion. From thrilling gaming marathons and discovering new titles to hosting engaging gaming events and promotions, the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast celebrating with friends or a business engaging with customers through creative marketing initiatives, National Video Games Day offers a chance to celebrate the incredible world of video games while fostering a sense of community within the gaming industry. 

So, gear up, power on those controllers, and join in the excitement to make this year’s National Video Games Day a truly memorable experience.

Social Media Post Ideas for National Video Games Day

National Video Games Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate this exciting occasion than by connecting with your audience through captivating social media posts! 

For businesses in the gaming industry or those looking to tap into the gaming community, leveraging social media is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand’s love for video games and engage with followers in a fun and interactive manner. 

In this section, we present a collection of creative and engaging social media post ideas to help your business make a splash on National Video Games Day, captivating gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses on National Video Games Day:

  • Game Giveaway: Run a contest where followers have a chance to win popular video games or gaming accessories by liking, sharing, and tagging friends.
  • Guess the Game: Post a cryptic image or snippet from a classic video game and challenge followers to guess the title in the comments.
  • Nostalgia Corner: Share a throwback post reminiscing about a beloved retro game and ask followers to share their favorite memories.
  • Spotlight Developers: Feature interviews or behind-the-scenes posts with game developers, giving followers insight into the creative process.
  • Gaming Tips: Share useful gaming tips and tricks, tailored to specific games or genres, to help followers improve their skills.
  • Gamer Spotlights: Highlight gaming enthusiasts within your community by showcasing their gaming setups or in-game achievements.
  • Create Memes: Craft and share humorous gaming memes or gifs that resonate with gamers’ experiences and sense of humor.
  • Polls and Surveys: Host polls or surveys to gather feedback on favorite games, characters, or gaming trends among your audience.
  • Live Streaming Events: Announce live streaming sessions where your team plays popular games and interacts with viewers in real-time.

With National Video Games Day presenting a prime opportunity to connect with gamers worldwide, these social media post ideas provide the perfect recipe for engaging and delighting your audience. 

From hosting thrilling giveaways and sharing nostalgia-inducing posts to providing valuable gaming tips and showcasing the gaming community, your business can leverage the power of social media to forge meaningful connections and leave a lasting impression on this special day. Embrace the spirit of gaming, let your creativity shine, and get ready to level up your social media game, capturing the hearts of gamers everywhere. Happy posting and have a fantastic National Video Games Day!

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Hashtags to Use During National Video Games Day

In today’s digital age, hashtags have become an integral part of social media culture, revolutionizing the way we discover and engage with content. As businesses and individuals gear up to celebrate National Video Games Day, harnessing the power of hashtags becomes essential for maximizing reach and visibility. 

Hashtags provide a convenient and effective way to categorize and connect posts related to this special day, making it easier for gaming enthusiasts to find and participate in the celebrations. In this section, we present a handpicked selection of trending and relevant hashtags that businesses and gamers can utilize to elevate their presence and join the vibrant online conversation surrounding National Video Games Day.

Hashtags to Use on Social Media for National Video Games Day:

  • #NationalVideoGamesDay
  • #GamingCelebration
  • #GamersUnite
  • #GamingCommunity
  • #PlayOn
  • #GamingLove
  • #GameDayFun
  • #GamingNation
  • #GameOnWorld
  • #GamerLife
  • #DigitalPlayground
  • #GamingFestival
  • #GamingMemories
  • #GamerFamily
  • #LevelUpYourGame
  • #VirtualGamingParty
  • #RetroGamingRevival
  • #GamingExperience
  • #GamingAddict
  • #GamingEnthusiast

As the gaming world unites to celebrate National Video Games Day, the strategic use of these engaging and relevant hashtags can significantly enhance your online presence and participation in this global event. 

By incorporating these hashtags into your social media posts, you can connect with fellow gamers, businesses, and gaming communities worldwide, sparking exciting conversations and generating buzz around your content. 

Whether you’re sharing gaming highlights, promoting special offers, or simply expressing your passion for video games, these hashtags serve as digital gateways to a vast network of gaming enthusiasts, fostering camaraderie and amplifying the celebration of National Video Games Day. 

For the complete list of holidays to celebrate on social media in September, visit

Gift Ideas for National Video Games Day

National Video Games Day is a perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation for the gamers in your life with thoughtful and exciting gifts. 

Whether you’re searching for the ideal present for a gaming enthusiast, a friend who loves playing online, or a family member who enjoys retro gaming, this section is brimming with amazing gift ideas that will bring a smile to their face on this special day. 

From the latest gaming gear to nostalgic throwbacks, these gifts are sure to level up the celebrations and make National Video Games Day an unforgettable experience for your gaming aficionados.

5 Gift Ideas for National Video Games Day:

  • Gaming Console Upgrade: Surprise your loved one with the latest gaming console, such as the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch OLED, to enhance their gaming experience.
  • Collector’s Edition Games: Gift them a special collector’s edition of their favorite game, complete with exclusive merchandise, artwork, and in-game bonuses.
  • Gaming Accessories: Consider practical gaming accessories like high-quality gaming headphones, ergonomic gaming chairs, or customizable gaming controllers for added comfort and performance.
  • Retro Gaming Console: For the nostalgic gamer, a retro gaming console like the Sega Genesis Mini or the SNES Classic Edition will transport them back to the golden era of gaming.
  • Digital Gift Cards: If you’re unsure about their preferences, opt for digital gift cards from gaming platforms like Steam, PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live, allowing them to choose their desired games or in-game purchases.

This National Video Games Day, celebrate the joy of gaming by gifting your loved ones with presents that cater to their gaming passions. 

Whether it’s an upgrade to the latest gaming console, a nostalgic journey to the past with a retro gaming console, or practical gaming accessories to enhance their gameplay, these gift ideas are sure to delight and surprise any gaming enthusiast. 

From the excitement of unboxing collector’s editions to the flexibility of digital gift cards, these thoughtful gestures demonstrate your understanding of their interests and bring the thrill of gaming to the forefront of this special day. 

So, let the gift-giving commence, and witness the joy on their faces as they embark on exciting gaming adventures, making National Video Games Day an unforgettable celebration for all.

While National Video Games Day is undoubtedly a highly anticipated celebration for gaming enthusiasts, there are several other holidays and events closely related to the world of video games that offer additional opportunities for gamers to come together and revel in their shared passion. 

From commemorating iconic game releases to celebrating the art of gaming and its impact on culture, these holidays provide exciting occasions for gamers to connect, explore new experiences, and pay homage to the beloved pastime. 

In this section, we’ll explore a collection of holidays that share a connection with National Video Games Day, forming a rich tapestry of festivities that resonate with gamers worldwide.

International Games Day: A global celebration that encourages libraries and other institutions to host events and activities centered around various games, including video games, to foster community engagement and play.

Free RPG Day: An annual event where game stores and publishers offer free role-playing game (RPG) products, including video game RPGs, to promote the genre and encourage new players to join the adventure.

National Video Game Day: An additional day dedicated explicitly to video games, providing gamers with another occasion to indulge in gaming nostalgia and new experiences.

E3 Expo: One of the biggest annual gaming events where game developers and publishers showcase upcoming game releases and technological advancements, generating excitement and anticipation among the gaming community.

International Day of the Programmer: While not exclusively gaming-related, this day honors programmers and developers who play a pivotal role in creating the games enjoyed by millions around the world.

National Video Games Day is just one piece of a larger puzzle that forms a network of holidays and events celebrating the diverse and thriving gaming culture. 

From International Games Day, promoting community engagement through games, to the excitement of E3 Expo, where gamers eagerly await news of upcoming releases, each holiday offers unique opportunities for gamers to immerse themselves in their passion and connect with like-minded enthusiasts. 

For more holidays, download our free calendar with over 1,000 fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year. Head to to grab your free copy!

Future Dates for National Video Games Day

2024September 12Thursday
2025September 12Friday
2026September 12Saturday
2027September 12Sunday
2028September 12Tuesday
2029September 12Wednesday

What to do on National Video Games Day?

On National Video Games Day, there are plenty of enjoyable activities for both individuals and gaming communities to partake in. Here are some fun things you can do to celebrate this special day:

  • Gaming Marathon: Set aside time for an exciting gaming marathon, playing your favorite video games or exploring new titles with friends or family.
  • Discover New Games: Take this opportunity to try out games from different genres or platforms that you haven’t played before.
  • Host Gaming Sessions: Organize virtual or in-person gaming sessions with friends, where you can compete against each other or collaborate in multiplayer games.
  • Explore Retro Games: Dust off old gaming consoles or use emulators to revisit classic games from your childhood for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.
  • Online Gaming Events: Participate in online gaming events, tournaments, or challenges organized by gaming communities or platforms.
  • Support Game Developers: Purchase games from independent developers or explore new indie titles to support the gaming industry’s creativity and innovation.
  • Watch Gaming Streams: Tune into live streams on platforms like Twitch to watch your favorite gamers or discover new content creators.
  • Share Gaming Memories: Take a trip down memory lane by sharing your favorite gaming memories on social media and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Try Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming: If you have access to VR technology, experience the thrill of virtual reality gaming with immersive and interactive gameplay.
  • Gaming Cosplay: Dress up as your favorite video game characters for a cosplay photoshoot or attend virtual cosplay events.


National Video Games Day presents an exceptional opportunity for business owners to tap into the vibrant and enthusiastic gaming community. By embracing this special holiday and leveraging creative marketing strategies, businesses can effectively engage with gamers, promote their products and services, and foster a sense of community around their brand. 

Whether through exclusive promotions, collaboration with game developers, or hosting gaming events, this celebration allows businesses to showcase their passion for gaming and create meaningful connections with a global audience of gaming enthusiasts. 

As the gaming industry continues to thrive and evolve, celebrating National Video Games Day serves as a powerful reminder of the significant impact video games have on our culture and society, while also opening doors for businesses to reach new heights in their marketing efforts. So, gear up, level up your marketing game, and join in the festivities on September 12th to make a lasting impression within the gaming community and beyond. Happy National Video Games Day! 

Celebrate this special day with us, and don’t forget to download our free holiday calendar for more fun and unique holidays to celebrate this year!

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