9 Facebook Groups You Need to Join Now to Grow Your Business

9 Must join facebook groups for bloggers

I am in love with Facebook groups! Why? Believe it or not, Facebook groups have driven a lot of traffic to my website. I talk more about this in my post, How I went from 0 – 500 email subscribers in 30 days!

As a business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to drive more traffic, but that’s not the only reason you should join Facebook groups. My absolute favorite thing about groups is the supportive communities I have found.

Being a team of one entrepreneur can be lonely! Sometimes you need to bounce ideas off of someone else, share exciting news or vent about your low points. Facebook groups are a safe place to do exactly that!


In the seven months since writing this article, one of the Facebook groups closed and another changed the name and premise of the group. I have also found some great new groups. I have updated this article to reflect those changes.


When you join a group be sure to read the guidelines so you understand the type of posts that are allowed and what’s not allowed.

Some groups have a no promotion policy, and others allow any and all types of promotions.

My favorite groups allow you to promote your business, but only in specific threads.  
Also, don’t go nuts and join hundreds of groups.

You can’t genuinely engage in every group which means you won’t reap all the benefits and Facebook might flag you as a spammer and shut you down.

When someone requests to join my Facebook group I first look at the number of groups they’re in.

Too many groups indicates they are not serious about connecting with others – they just want to drop their links and run.

No joke, one requester was in over 1,500 groups! 


Below are nine of my favorite Facebook groups for entrepreneurs. These are the groups I’ve found to be the most helpful and supportive.


Team of One Biz Owners

Naturally, my own Facebook group is my favorite! I started this group for team of one business owners, AKA solopreneurs. Most of the Facebook groups I’ve found are focused solely on bloggers.

Bloggers aren’t the only entrepreneurs with a drive to succeed! Whether you’re a dentist, nutritionist, landscaper, Mary Kay distributor, or blogger you can benefit from connecting with other entrepreneurs.

I also share social media and digital marketing tips to help you promote your business, drive traffic, and increase sales!

Join Team of One Biz Owners


Marketing Solved

Katherine Sullivan of MarketingSolved.com created her Facebook group as a place for business owners to connect and learn marketing secrets.

Kat keeps her group engaged with daily threads allowing members to promote their business and social media profiles.

She also shares some great marketing tips and tricks.

Katherine has a heart for serving others and is generous in sharing her knowledge with her group.

Join Marketing Solved


SPI Community

Pat Flynn is one of the most well-known podcasters and online marketers around.

He’s been teaching online business at smartpassiveincome.com since he was laid off from his job in 2008.

Pat has built a loyal audience and his Facebook group is where fans can connect and learn from one another.

This is one of the larger groups and a great place to ask for online business advice, recommendations, and find inspiration.

Join The Smart Passive Income Community

Influencer Entrepreneurs

Influencer Entrepreneurs is run by Jenny Melrose of jennymelrose.com.

Jenny created the group as a place for entrepreneurs to get “insightful information about blogging, influencing, and entrepreneurship.”

Jenny specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to pitch brands. If your business could benefit from brand sponsorships or partnerships Jenny can teach you how to make the pitch.

She occasionally holds live training sessions within the group and you can learn a lot from the questions asked by other group members.  

Join Influencer Entrepreneurs


Blogging Newbs

Just like the name indicates, this group is specifically for new bloggers.

McKinzie Bean of momsmakecents.com has grown this group to over 15,000 bloggers and it’s now full of bloggers at different stages in their journey.

McKinzie shares great resources with the group, but it’s my favorite place to ask basic blogging questions.

The group members are eager to support one another and answer questions.

If you’re just getting started on your blogging journey this is a must-join group.

Join Blogging Newbs


Social Boss

I can’t write a post about Facebook groups without including Caitlin Bacher of caitlinbacher.com.

Caitlin’s specialty is teaching business owners how to run a profitable Facebook group.

Social Boss is a large group and managed very well.

Caitlin has great daily prompts and monitors the activity closely to keep it positive and free from spam.  

Join Social Boss


Erika Madden of Olyvia.co created this group “for all the honest online entrepreneurs and small business owners who believe in doing good work with a smile.”

Isn’t that refreshing? This group is focused on growing an online business without sleazy sales tactics.

The group has a positive spirit and the members genuinely want to support and help one another.

Join this group if you want to connect with other entrepreneurs who want to grow their business without compromising their integrity.

Join Work With Class


Creative Superheroes

If you’re looking for a fun place to express your creativity, Allison Marshall’s group is the place to be!

Allison is the creator of Wonderlass.com and a fellow Kansas Citian! Allison has such a fun personality and her group and website are full of color and pep.

I love energy and excitement of this group. Join this group if you want to connect with fun and quirky business owners

Join Creative Superheroes


The Blogging Crew

The Blogging Crew is another group specifically for bloggers. Manda Northern of blogsthatprofit.com created this group for “bloggers to communicate, share, collaborate, and learn from other bloggers.”

This group is a great place to share your blog post links and get exposure for your blog.

Manda has daily threads that allow you to share your recent blog post with other bloggers in your niche.

There are a lot of Facebook groups created for bloggers to share their links, but most turn into a spammy, hot mess.

Manda does a great job keeping her group helpful and spam-free.

Join The Blogging Crew

There you have it, nine of my favorite Facebook groups to promote my business and connect with other business owners.

Now I want you to get started!

Request to join these groups, read the guidelines, and start engaging! After one week of genuine engagement, I know you’ll be hooked!

If you’re already a member of a few groups let me know your favorite Facebook group for entrepreneurs in the comments!

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